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Entertainment of Monday, 25 March 2019


New movie role was a spiritual experience - Adina

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Versatile and one of Ghana’s favourite songstress’ Adina Thembi Ndamse has ventured into a new sphere of her career; acting.

After the release of the hottest movie in town “New Flame”, the amiable musician who played the role of Efua, a university student trying to pursue her music dreams shared her first professional acting gig with Ghanaweb.

Adina who is a lover of all forms of art, described her experience as beautiful and eye opening. As someone who has always fancied the being in movies, she was drawn to this particular movie when she read the script and realized Efua was basically like her. “I’ve always wanted to be in movies and I had said to myself that if I had options, I would always choose a role that suits me and my brand” she said.

Adina Thembi revealed that even though this was her first official movie, she is no stranger to acting. She said that she had been in plays and she enjoyed them totally. For those hoping that she would become a full time actress, she reiterated that she likes to dabble into a lot of things and this is only a hobby and is unlikely to be a full time job for her.

The silky voiced singer also stated how she prepared herself for her role. She said that once she knew that her character had Leukemia, she did a lot of research on the sickness and people with the condition to better understand and play the role she was assigned. “I also went into myself as a person to better understand my role and even the roles of my fellow cast members. Yeah it was a spiritual experience”

Adina further encouraged all her fans to come and see the movie because of how relatable the movie is and the countless lessons that can be picked from the movie.

A New Fame was written, produced and directed by Eric Tabi of Mysterium Pictures in association with New African Movement and is set to premiere on the 5th of April 2019 at the Siverbird Cinemas Accra Mall and Westhills Mall.