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Music of Sunday, 10 December 2006


Mzbel Damns Manager

The agony of Mzbel seems not to be ending as her own management desert her at a time she needs them most. Mzbel has been virtually left alone to do all the police follow-ups, record her album, find a new location to reside and guard her life from further danger.

The Diva told SHOWGHANA that she?s only met her manager once ever since the armed attack on her house. ?Of course I want to get out of this management cos he?s not doing anything for me, nothing at all.

"He doesn?t even know what?s going on, he doesn?t know how far my album has reached, he knows I?m renting a house somewhere, he doesn?t no where it is or how much I?m spending, he doesn?t even know anything about me,? Mzbel almost cried these words out.

You may recall four suspects of the armed robbery incident at her New Gbawe residence were recently arrested, thanks to her vigilance, at the La Pleasure Beach but two escaped from police custody last week, further placing her life at risk.

Goodies never did the necessary police follow-ups even when Mzbel was urging him to do so. She says he only calls once in a while and ask if she?s fine but never ask about the case, what is going on with the police or how she?s surviving, living in constant fear for her life.

?Goodies wants me to come to him begging and crying. He knows since the incident I haven?t done a show. He wants me to go down completely until I can?t do anything anymore, that?s what he wants. He wants me to be in a situation that I?ll have no choice than to come to him,? Mzbel told SHOWGHANA. Again, According to her, Goodies refused to lend her five million cedis when she was desperately in need two weeks after the unfortunate incident. ?I told him I?d pay him when he gets back; I was expecting some money from London. He told me no and left,? she added.

Sources say Goodies has not been well since his return from Nigeria but Mzbel says he?s gone to Nigeria again in spite of his so called ailment. That Goodies is always sick when it?s about checking what?s happening at the police station but not sick enough to go to Nigeria. The Mzbel saga continues, keep reading and watching.