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Entertainment of Thursday, 29 August 2019


My wife pressures me to quit EIB – KOD

Celebrated radio personality Kofi Okyere Darko popularly known as KOD has disclosed that he has suffered huge pressure from his wife to resign from Starr Fm consequently from EIB Network.

According to KOD, his wife has been mounting lots of pressure on him to quit working with Starr Fm.

Speaking in an interview, he stated that when the company was suffering financially and was almost bankrupt, his wife suggested he quits and leaves for another job.

The radio icon explained that his wife thought he was being unfair to her so he had to allow Bola Ray to intervene and speak to her.

“There are other people who had stress from family. I did at some point. My wife was worried. In actual fact at a point, Bola had to call her personally because we’re family that Charlie we were going through a low tide and it’s not permanent we’ll overcome this. Bola had to call my wife,” he said.

KOD stated that “I had some pressure from my wife Charlie. Some people are leaving, why are you still there? I’m like no I can’t do this. I can’t do this I believe in loyalty. I’d done 18 years at Radio Gold. Do you know what it was like at Radio Gold? Radio Gold is very political so when NDC is in power, they’re in a good place. When they’re in opposition they’re in a bad place. So in and out and I stayed for 18 years. I know how to deal with these things”.

He also explained how friends discussed Bola Ray in his absence. He also commended Bola Ray for publicly putting out the state of affairs of the company.

“And I don’t focus on getting resources from one place. You have Nineteen 57, and you have some gigs, you’re hosting some events. There are times that maybe you won’t be paid well but you still go for it because it might pay for electricity, you can sort out one of your nephews who’s coming to you for school fees because I’m Ashanti. That’s what we do,” he added.

The seasoned radio presenter first worked as a production assistant for a TV show on Ghana Broadcasting Corporation for a short period of time and later left to join the then-budding and vibrant Radio Gold.

He joined EIB Network, Live Fm as a Presenter and Events & Marketing Manager in August 2015.

KOD is currently the host of Starr Drive on Starr FM in Accra, Ghana.

It is said that loyalty is more than a word, its a way of life, we can only wish KOD well and hope that he continues to stand by his act of loyalty.

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