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My ex-girlfriend is forcing me to help her get an abortion for the second time!

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My name is Mr P, a banker and I was dating a girl who was in her final year in high school. I am a Christian and she was a Muslim. We agreed “no sex until we’re married.” She’s my first love and I don’t know what I would’ve done without her in my life. It got to a point in time where she refused to pick my calls or reply my messages.

One afternoon I got a phone call from her she has a problem. I got scared when she told me there’s a problem but because of the love I have for her I told her to come home so we could talk about it

She came over to my place and told me she’s pregnant with another Muslim. I wasn’t happy about the pregnancy but I was blinded by her love so I quickly told her we have to abort the baby. I borrowed money from a friend to abort the baby to save her from embarrassment.

She refused to pick my calls or reply my text after the abortion. She didn’t want to see me whenever I went to her place to see her but that didn’t bother me because of the love I have for her.

Several days after calling she finally picked my call and she told me she wants to have sex with me but I have made a promise to my God I’ll never have sex before marriage.

My family and friends weren’t happy with the conversion from Christianity to Islam but I insisted she’s the one I want to marry. 7 months after the abortion, she disappears again but this time I met a Christian lady who loves me so much and is willing to date and marry me.

I started dating my new girl with so much glory in life again. One day I got another call from my old girl saying she’s pregnant once again with the same guy. I told my new girl about it which she didn’t agree with me to help my ex-abort the baby. But you know when love blindfolds you nothing can make you see again apart from true love. I helped my ex-abort the second pregnancy.

I know I have sinned against my God but I believe God will forgive me even if I help my ex-abort for the third time. Now am at the junction where I don’t know what to do; do I accept my ex-thinking she would never leave me again or should I move on with my new girl whom I also love and also not willing to forgive me for the second abortion.

Please advise me! Thank you