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Music of Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Source: nii atakora mensah/ghana

Musicians Should Stop Being Hypocrites– Tic Tac

Tic Tac is returning with a new image, a new sound and a new album which features guest appearances by a glittering cast of stars ranging from Gyedu Blay Ambolley to Dadie Opanka.

The rapper talked to Ghana about his new record, the Ghanaian hiplife scene, and what he thinks of it. This interview with Ghana was so much fun, read on and if you like his answers he gave then you may also enjoy his songs when it comes out.

Ghana So before we get into your upcoming project I just want to make sure I got the facts straight. You own your own record label?

Tic Tac: Yes.

Ghana You are touted as Ghana’s Busta Rhymes? Tic Tac: Yes that was in the early stages of my career when I sounded almost like him but as time goes on I matured into my own thing because I didn't want to sound like anybody but myself.

Ghana Your work ethic is pretty crazy. Not too many people can do that? How do you do that?

Tic Tac: Well I put so much energy into whatever that I do and make sure it's done well.

Ghana Why have you been hiding and not seen around like most of the other popular musicians?

Tic Tac: I wouldn't say that I have been hiding, I just don't see the reason why I should stick myself around if there is no need for me to as an artist. It's very important to value your image and so there is always the need to manage it properly.

Ghana You seem like you’re either all in or you're like, “fuck it I’m out”?

Tic Tac: Nope, I just keep my thing tight and always make sure that stand for what I believe is right solid and I normally let it loose at the appropriate time.

Ghana Let’s talk about your hair style man. You have had different hair styles over the years?

Tic Tac: Yes, it is something that I just love to do.

Ghana Are we gonna get to see different dimensions of you on this new album?

Tic Tac: Hahaha. Well, you tell me when you get to hear it I guess there is always some thing that will knock you off just like that.

Ghana You got a release date?

Tic Tac: Not at the moment but will soon let you know as soon as it is decided.

Ghana Which successful collaboration surprised you the most?

Tic Tac: Hmmm. ‘collabos', can't really tell they have all been really great but I seem to enjoy the one I have just done with Mr. Ambolley I think it is a fantastic piece.

Ghana Any favourite song from all your albums recorded?

Tic Tac: Wow. I love all the songs I have done so far.

Ghana What do you think of the hiplife scene now since you started it 10 years ago and how much do you credit it for your success?

Tic Tac: I think it keeps changing and that is really good for the industry but not too sure about the direction the event organizers and some industry people are towing now but hey let's see how it goes. At least I am still in the game and I have achieved so much and still looking forward to more. I call it phase 2.

Ghana Being that your goal is to inspire other artists, who are you actually working with on the record?

Tic Tac: Am working with both major and new acts who are just buzzing right now. Ambolley, Rhian Benson, Jeho, Byte, Joe, Dadie Opanka, Asem, Key Note, The Canz, Myshell, all the way from the USA and other top stars.

Ghana What other producers have you worked with so far?

Tic Tac: Omololu, Sway, Don Jazzy, Puffy T, Key Note, Richie, Quick Action, Roland, Dubbs and Logic, and many other producers.

Ghana Pick on any subject in the music industry and talk about it?

Tic Tac: I guess we should celebrate our own and maybe we should learn to appreciate one another no matter what and stop being hypocrites.

Ghana Finally, what is going on between Rhian & Tic Tac?

Tic Tac: Well, she is only a friend and one of the acts on the TN Records label, If you care to know am seeing someone else whom you will soon find out.