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Music of Wednesday, 15 September 2010

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Musicians At War With Beat Producers: Hammer Reacts

Three issues your source must be very ignorant. I advice you to be a lot more careful about opinions from such sources and not to pollute lame minds who are not in the industry.

1. On the issue of producers becoming musicians - I'm surprised to hear your source say that after producers get their fame from the musicians, they want to challenge them on their profession too.

It will surprise you to know that some of the best singers and rappers in this world are all producers. eg. Elton John, Kanye West, R. Kelly, Dr. Dre, Usher, Swiss Beatz, John Legend, Justin Timberlake, Bob Marley, Wyclef, etc. so if people like Morris, Richie, Nacy etc. are singing now, that's because they are masters of thier game, that's why they are able to guide a singer in their studio to end up with a good song.

2. On the issue of producers reducing their prices because of their signature being an advertisement, it will also surprise you to know that over 70% of the contribution to a hot song comes from the beat. That is why when one wants to sample a classic past hit, they sample only the beat and still make a hit without the vocals.

Also, most of these musicians, especially the new ones insist on the signature even when the producer forgets to put it on and this I believe is because the reputation of these producers guarantees quality thus these artists get the attention they need from listeners.

3. The Last Two Music Group, for example, cant be included in this advertising scandal. Because our signature is not a pre recorded sample that comes on every song, thus, not creating a monotonous trend resulting in a bore in listenership.

Our signature is in the form of a hype man in-built DJ who hypes the artistes well as the beat. And also, recipients of The Last Two signature dont pay for beats, as they are all artistes who were trained and groomed in the camp. And the signature is meant for the world to recognise beneficiaries with this training.

I think hiding the identity of your source on such a sensitive matter gives this article no credibility and tarnishes the Ghana brand.

Finally, production is serious creativity and also includes the guidance of the musician who is being recorded so they can excel to their highest ability. It is a big insult to this industry if you think the role of a producer needs no recognition and respect.

This source should be flogged in public, and the writer should be querried by Ghana, Editor-In-Chief.