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Entertainment of Thursday, 27 October 2016

Source: flex newspaper

Music now sells because of the artiste, not its message - Kwachie

Being in the music fraternity for about a decade and counting, Kwachie Adie is not too green an artiste to voice out his observations about the current state of Ghana’s music industry.

Doubling as the C.E.O of Pyper Records, Kwachie Adie is a young promising rapper, a singer and a sound engineer who majors in Hip-hop and RNB music respectively.

The rapper in an interview with Flex newspaper seemed quite upset on how certain issues are likely to deteriorate the development of the music industry if immediate care is not taken.

“Fans today do not really care how great a song is or what message it carries. They just love the hype around a particular song or the artiste behind it. In Ghana, all you have to do is put out a hit song and you automatically win the masses’ attention. Music now sells because of the artistes behind it, not its message. Most top artistes have not added anything extra to their acts before and after fame, but the buzz around them is what fetches ears to songs they churn out,” Kwachie Adie opined.

“Also, music in Ghana is put out so cheaply that it tends to lose its value in a short run. If people were paying to listen to music, they would be very open-minded about the craft and not entertain any crappy tracks. Our huge artistes have the power to change this situation, but because they are comfortable at the moment and want to enjoy superiority, they are not fighting for change. This is gradually affecting the up and coming musicians,” he lamented.

According to Adie, it is disheartening to see budding musicians put in huge sums of money, creativity, time and energy into their musical careers only to be paid back with compliments and empty promises.

“Unlike overseas, it’s not an easy venture to invest in music here at all. I’ve sacrificed and risked a lot to shoot music videos with my hard earned income on several occasions only to receive commentaries and even beg people to watch it. It’s about time all those big talks from industry stakeholders are put in action. Look at how most of our legendary musicians die in poverty. Let us all contribute in making this industry a better and profitable place for every grade of artiste,” Kwachie intimated.

Chi, Strong For Me, Trish and a host of others are all great songs Kwachie has to his credit. Follow him on all social media platforms @KwachieAdie to enjoy more unique works from him.