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Mr. Logic disagrees with Hammer on 'Sarkodie should be studied in school' comment

Mr. Logic play videoMr. Logic

Popular radio entertainment pundit cum dancehall artiste Mr. Logic has described Sarkodie’s manager Angel as a liar and his excuse for the rapper not showing up for Obrafour’s documentary as lame.

According to him, Sarkodie made a mistake for not showing up for the documentary which he expected Angel to have kept quiet when Obrafour talked about it.

Speaking in an interview on “Real Talk” on Sammy Flex TV, Mr. Logic suspected that the rapper was influenced not to show up for the documentary out of pride.

According to him, he is sure the management of Sarkodie was prompted earlier before the event so there wasn’t the need for them to have missed the documentary.

“I saw the news and I was like Obrafour has created it and it is coming against him. I also saw an article where Angel was giving an excuse and I will say Angel is a big liar! His excuse is lame. They can’t tell me that Obrafour didn’t prompt them earlier. They weren’t just invited so I expected Angel to have kept quiet! He should have shut up! he said.

The Dancehall Dada asked Sarkodie and his management to render an apology to Obrafour for not showing up for the documentary.

Mr. Logic expressed how he was disappointed when Hammer suggested that Sarkodie has to be studied in schools saying Obrafour Should be the right choice Hammer Should have chosen.

Mr. Logic further stressed out that the rapper’s absence for the documentary was deliberate and it had to do with Hammer’s suggestion.

“Lemme chip in this! Hammer said Sarkodie has to be studied in schools and I can say his absence for the documentary was deliberate and it is in line with Hammer’s suggestion that he should be studied in schools. What should we study about Sark? Is it his achievements or what. We have people who are richer than Sark but they aren’t studied in schools. I see Hammer’s suggestion as bread and butter opinion” He added. Talking about the upcoming event in Canada, he revealed that it is the 8th edition and its aim is to promote the Ghanaian culture in Canada. Mr. Logic further stated that even though the event was organized to promote the Ghanaian culture in Canada, most Ghanaians do no patronize the event.”

This is the 8th editing of the event and we are just doing it to promote Ghanaian culture in Canada.

Sammy! From my experience in Canada, we are not known and loud. I went to a station and they were playing Nigerian songs so I asked whether it was a shop or shop and she said it was a radio!

I asked again is it a Canadian radio or an African radio and she said it is a Canadian radio. Canada is populated with Nigerians and Jamaicans and that’s why the organizers decided to do this to promote our culture but Ghanaians don’t patronize the event” he explained.

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