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Entertainment of Sunday, 15 November 2015


Movie stars missing at late Eddie Coffie’s one week celebration

Late actor Eddie Coffie Late actor Eddie Coffie

Anybody who honoured the one week observation of the late Rev. Eddie Azumah Coffie could easily have a feeling that there is something wrong with the acting fraternity in Ghana.

It was sad sight to behold and the feeling at the grounds could sum it all that everybody was disappointed.

The family of the late President of the Ghana Actors’ Guild was equally seemingly disappointed at the low attendance at the one week observation. The question everybody was asking was where are the Yvonnes, Nadia, Kalsoum, Van, Majid, David, Martha, Mercy Asiedu,Nana Ama Mcbrown, Emelia Brobbey, John Dumelo, Bill Asamoah etc.

It was a sad sight to behold and to think it was an occasion for the Late President of the Ghana Actors’ Guild? What was even sad was when the funeral announcer decided to mention names of dignitaries that had honoured the occasion: President of the film producers association of Ghana, Mr. Asare Hackman, the Public Relations Officer, Mr. Michael Kwaku Ola, the Ex-president of the actors guild, Mr. Odoi Mensah, some ARSOG members, Dzifa Ametepke, an actress, Don Ziggy and some seats filled by some acting clubs members.

Few film directors like Mr. Asare Bediako, Richard Boateng, Haruna Seidu, Etc and the crew association also made their presence felt at the event. The actors have really shown how much they don’t care about their president. These are same people who would want the whole world to know about their flimsy ‘supposed’ charity programmes.

When they are in welfare need, would want the guild to run to their support, failure on the part of the guild, they run to tell the world to embarrass the guild! Who reaps where he’s not sown?

Is the actors’ guild really alive? Are the known screen faces of the film industry part of the actors’ guild? Or is the guild now for the ‘up and wanting to come’ actors? This is so disappointing and I believe the Spirit of the late president wept today.

I wish I was the only one disappointed by this attitude of the Ghanaian actors but the media and fans who came there to catch a glimpse of their stars had same feelings as mine.

The late Eddie Cofie died in October 30 at Ridge Hospital. According to Gilbert Cofie, second born of the deceased, his father “has been sick for a while now. He was recovering but we had to take him to the hospital on Sunday because he kind of passed out. He has never recovered since then till today. I think it was high blood pressure.”