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Most Ghanaians live beyond their means - CEO of Kikibees laments

Bennet Agyekum, CEO of Kikibees (right) play videoBennet Agyekum, CEO of Kikibees (right)

"I think all people live real lives, but I think many of us, Ghanaians, give false impressions about their lives and themselves.

"Some impress to a greater extent than others. I think it goes hand in hand with materialism. So many are fixated with having more than the next guy, either financially or family size or a related quality of life," the Chief Executive Officer of KikiBees Restaurant, Pub and Lounge, Mr Bennet Agyekum has revealed.

According to him a lot of Ghanaians live beyond their means either trying to impress their family or friends.

In an interview with SVTV Africa, Mr Agyekum told host DJ Nyaami that, he has been to lots of countries across the world, and he has seen that only in Ghana, people dress simply to impress people. He said, he believes in a simple life and believes in doing what one can do and not living to impress someone.

“Its only in Ghana, we live beyond our means, we do things hastily, I don’t want to say anything that I would get misinterpreted. But me, I believe in simple life, I believe in doing what you can do, not to impress anyone, you understand what I’m saying. And too many people in my motherland are living to impress people and they’re being miserable at doing that, bro it’s very very frustrating.”

“You see all these young boys hurriedly living their life just to impress, why? take it easy, live your life, do what you can do.” He added. Mr. Agyekum also pointed out that, it’s only in Ghana that, VIP and VVIP tickets get finished before Regular tickets compared to elsewhere in the western world where Regular and Standard tickets are sold first before VIP and VVIP.

Commenting on people being bounced or denied access to a club or bar due to their fashion style, Mr. Agyakum noted that, “That practice isn’t done here at Kikibees. First and foremost, it’s a restaurant, you come and eat, and relax. If you want to look classy in the evening, that one it’s up to you.

"But to deny you access because you’re wearing slippers or shorts, no it’s not done here. Because to me, it’s embarrassing because if you go to Barcelona, Spain, or Venice, you are allowed to enter the club or lounges with your slippers, we’re copying wrongly from the western world. You go somewhere, and if you’re not wearing a designer shirt, you’re not allowed to enter. Ghana is the only place that, when event is being organized, VIP and VVIP is sold out first before the regular, how is this possible in a third world country?” he added.

The business tycoon is not the only person to speak against the life people live and also on social media.

Actress Yvonne Nelson in an interview said, 90 percent of people live fake lives, especially on social media. She stated, either they’re to trying to impress their followers or get followers.

Mr Bennet Agyekum urged the youth, not be swayed by what they see because so many people exhibit fake lifestyles especially on social media.

Watch the video below: