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Music of Friday, 16 April 2021


Menez Gh, Belgium based Ghanaian music group taking Afrobeats to another level in Europe

Rebbel Ashes and Bakilla Rebbel Ashes and Bakilla

Ghanaian artistes have been penetrating Western music for a while now and one of the genre that is selling the industry is Afrobeats music.

Afrobeats is an umbrella term for contemporary pop music from West Africa, predominantly Nigeria and Ghana.

Its artists mix rap and R'n'B with syncopated dancehall rhythms and local genres such as highlife to create sweet, lighthearted songs that make it hard to stand still.

One of such Ghanaian musician groups that are keeping Ghanaians in the diaspora stay connected and maintain ties with their culture is Menez Gh.

The group, Menez Gh made of two - Rebbel Ashes and Bakilla - came to existence as a combination of two different artists with different artistic backgrounds. Both Rebbel Ashes and Bakilla started their careers in Ghana (West Africa) but are now based in Belgium.

Having their own skills which are complementary to each other makes creating good music easier, so it quickly became obvious that they had to come together and form a band. They named it Menez (normally written “Menners” in Ghanaian pidgin) meaning bro’s or guys.

Menez Gh brings nothing but good music and they make sure you will experience a steamy time you’ll never forget.

For swirling beats, a tight baseline and colourful melodies; that is exactly the type of music you can expect from Menez Gh.

They have played a number of shows; 2020- Lighters up; 2019 - Bliss on the hills; 2020-Gentse feesten and the 2020 Jamaican live stream

Enjoy their song below: