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Entertainment of Monday, 15 August 2016


Meet the medical doctor who is into photography

An African child staring in the searching eyes of a father who just asked, “What do you want to become in future?” is likely to set his/her imagination into a wild spin.

The conundrum rests on which to choose: a doctor, nurse, lawyer, banker, engineer, pharmacist, contractor or the likes. Words like plumbing, masonry, driving, mechanic, tailoring or even photography suddenly lose their place in the dictionary. The thought process is to project one’s self as a child worthy of a father’s name; ambitious enough to aim at a ‘white colored’, well-paying job.

Not many years ago, dreaming of professions like becoming medical doctor and lawyer were certain to meet the smile and pride of a father. The same couldn’t be said of trades like tailoring, masonry or a photography.

Today however, there is an evolutional breeze blowing and refreshingly so. Now professional dreams like make-up artistry, musician, catering, fashion designing, and photography are no longer perceived as a crime or lack of ambition.

Also swept under carpet are the days when such professions were viewed only as worthy options for school dropouts. This brings us to the point where I present to you a quite rare job combination. As surprising as a barrister who doubles as a taxi driver will sound, here is a medical doctor who doubles as a photographer, Dr Juventius Arthur.

Born in the late 80s, Dr. Arthur is a young, hardworking, smart, energetic Ghanaian who has great and untamable passion for the arts.

He attended PRESEC Legon, completed in 2003 and then moved on to University of Ghana Medical School where he became the president of the Federation of Ghana Medical Students Association and the Secretary General of the Federation of African Medical Students Association.

His love for acting and directing was nurtured first in primary school where he featured in the famous Maame ‘Dokono’ “By-the-fire-side” and later joined the PRESEC drama club in High School.

Whiles in medical school, he eventually became the head of the PENSA korle-bu literary group and also the president of the Royal Harmonics Ministry, a Ministry known for its gospel outreaches to high schools with drama and music.

He is currently the CEO of JUVANGEL MULTIMEDIA, a photography and video production house and also the Chairman-elect of the board of directors of SnG Ghana limited.

Dr. Arthur currently practices as a Medical Officer at Francis Xavier Hospital, Assin Fosu where he sees and treats patients.

His passion rides on arts and leadership. He loves writing poems, songs and short stories. With his politically inspired poem, ‘The Revolution’ he was judged first prize winner of the maiden poetry competition of the Poetry Foundation Ghana.

He is currently shooting “THE CONSULTATION” an educative cum comic skit to bring to bear the reality of the problems plaguing the Ghanaian Health System and in a fun but not necessarily funny way, help provide solutions to these problems. The aim is to help bridge the virtual yet palpable gap between the medical practitioner and the patient.

The practitioner ought to feel what the patient feels, and the patient needs to appreciate the professional seat of the practitioner. The skit already has four episodes out and its really buzzing on social media with thousands of views.

Dr. Arthur taps great inspiration in the field of acting and art from Uncle Ebow White and Tyler Perry.

His vision is to grow his firm into a media empire, venture into main stream movie production, a photography house, a book publishing house and hopefully a radio and TV media house.