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Tabloid News of Tuesday, 25 May 2021


Marriages collapsing because people married money, jobs of their partners - Nhyiraba Kwabena Asirifi

File photo of a couple File photo of a couple

Host of Weekend Morning Show, Nhyiraba Kwabena Asirifi, has advised the public not to marry people because they are wealthy or their profession.

He argues some marriages have collapsed because people married their partners because they fell in love with their professions and not because they were compatible.

He said some parents push their daughters, especially to marry wealthy people and not because the daughters love the partners.

Such marriages he decried don’t last because when these partners lose their wealth or lose their jobs, the other partners lose interest in the marriage.

He noted that gone were the days when people married people with good character, unquestionable wealth, integrity and godliness, the generation of today, are moved by wealth, beauty and people without good behaviour.

To him, if someone is a petty trader and with a good character, it would be best to marry such a person than to marry someone with wealth who lacks respect and ungodly.

Societal pressure, he added, is also pushing many into abusive and terrible marriages.

Several people he said have been pushed into marriages only to discover their partners are criminals, social miscreants and persons with negative attitudes, with some leading to crisis, including death.

He also stated that when expectations are not met based on what the partners perceived before the marriage, it would be a recipe for disaster.

This usually the form of complaining, blaming, criticizing, nagging, threatening, he said.

”They are parents asking their daughters to marry bank managers, soldiers, journalists and people are wealthy although they don’t know the character of the people of how they make their money. They are only interested in their money and the profession. When you do that, the marriage will not last. It will soon collapse.

You cannot marry someone because of the job they do or their wealth. Should your partner lose these things, you will lose interest in the marriage because the reason why you accepted to marry them is no longer there. Marry someone with an unquestionable character, godly, and someone compatible, he concluded.