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Entertainment of Sunday, 24 May 2020


Many so-called Men of God are not in tune with God’s word – Counselor Frank Adofoli

Counselor Frank Adofoli play videoCounselor Frank Adofoli

Many Men of God have taken undue advantage of the vulnerability of the people who seek their counsel.

There are several news items in the media space and on social media of how pastors or as we call them, Men of God, continue to sleep with vulnerable women who come to them to seek wisdom for problems they are facing in their marriages.

Such is the case of one Emmanuel who wrote to GhanaWeb's love and relationship programme Moans and Cuddles.

An obviously bitter Emmanuel is thinking of joining terrorist group Boko Haram just so he can hurt a Man of God who took his wife.

Reacting to Emmanuel’s story, Counselor Frank Adofoli, who was the sit-in counselor for Moans and Cuddles's maiden Open Forum said it is unfortunate for any Man of God to go after another man’s wife, but some of these things happen because people are greedy and they like to take advantage of others.

Citing the Bible, the counselor said the good book has already said that when the end time is near, some of these things will happen, and even warned people to be vigilant.

He said because people see ‘Men of God’ as ‘God’ or ‘lesser gods’, they tend to look up to them and sometimes bare their innermost truths to them, reason why it is easier to take advantage of such people.

Counselor Frank Adofoli said it doesn’t matter a man’s status, sometimes the people who gleefully pursue other people’s wives and take advantage of the vulnerable are sick and such so-called Men of God are not in tune with God’s words, and so they are easily overtaken by temptations.

He advised women not to trust blindly but be able to distinguish between true Men of God and fake ones.

The maiden Open Forum on Moans and Cuddles which was premiered a few days ago answered viewers' relationship questions and offered advise where need be.

Watch the full episode below: