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Tabloid News of Thursday, 29 May 2008

Source: Daily Guide

Man Eats Brother

The biblical Cain and Abel story was re-enacted in the Northern Region when a man killed his brother and ate parts of his flesh. The gory murder occurred in the village of Guabulga near Walewale, a Mamprusi area, according to a Police source.

The suspected murderer, Amadu Osman, a 25-year-old farmer, killed his elder brother, Alhassan Osman, and cut off his arms, penis and scrotum. Following the gruesome act, the suspect buried the remains of his victim under a heap of rocks and leaves, after feasting on one of the arms of his brother on their farm near the village.

Also buried alongside the remains of the deceased was the hoe the suspect used in clubbing his brother to death. The Northern Regional Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector Albert Johnson, who narrated the story to Daily Guide, disclosed that on 24th May 2008, Alhassan Osman went to the farm around 6.30am and never returned. His disappearance stunned the village whose youth organized a search party. The searchers combed the surrounding areas until the tell-tale evidence stood before them. The search party became suspicious of the pile of rocks and leaves whereupon they sought what was underneath it.

There they saw the mutilated remains of the man they were searching for. Upon examining it for a while they returned the rocks and leaves on the body and returned to break the news to the village.Sensing that it was Amadu Osman who had killed Alhassan, they began searching for the suspect, and found him at last at the nearby village of Dimia, near Walewale. The suspect led his captors to the scene where the remains of the deceased were removed from beneath the rocks and leaves. The now charged search party and others, upon reaching the village, descended on the suspect with the intent of lynching him, but were restrained by the timely intervention of ASP Ernest Fosu and a team of policemen.

At the time of his arrest, the suspect had in his pocket, the cooked arm of his brother as well as the severed penis and testicles. Some 300 or so metres away from the scene, he showed his captors a location where he buried two hoes, one of which he had used to kill his brother. In his caution statement and the interview he granted the Police at the Walewale Police Station where he was being held, the suspect admitted to killing his brother.He attributed his action to a provocation on the part of his brother, who he said had gone to the farm on the day of the incident and destroyed traps he (suspect) had set to catch some rodents.

He added that his murdered brother had stolen some of his maize and millet seeds which he was going to use during the planting season. Continuing, he said his deceased brother had threatened calling in some other siblings to beat him up on the farm. Sensing danger therefore, he told the Police that he picked up his hoe with which he hit his victim several times on the head and back until he fell down unconscious. Fearing that the deceased could regain consciousness and attack him, he severed his arms and manhood. While in the bush where he passed the night, he fed on the flesh of the deceased and then fled to Dimia village where he sought a farm job to earn some money to enable him eventually flee to Techiman which could offer a good hideout for him. The Police, after further investigations, would process the suspect for court.