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Fashion of Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Source: Kemi Ashefon

Make white colourful

White dresses, long or short, are flirty and feminine. With a white dress, you look chic and on point. Depending on the cut, dress design, occasion, and your personality, you can pull white off with much elegance

Before wearing that white dress, you have to bear all these points in mind:

- White and events It is suitable for all occasions but not for a wedding if you are not the bride.

- White and your complexion Bear in mind that your complexion comes to play when choosing the perfect white dress. Overly fair skinned women can wear white, but the trick here is to opt for a cream or off-white dress. This will complement your skin tone rather than making you look washed out.

- White as casual wear For a casual look, choose a shirt dress in a woven fabric. This works well if there are bumps you want to conceal. A slightly heavier fabric won’t cling to your body.

- White and the work chic Don’t shy away from wearing white to the office. Instead, team it with a formal dark coloured blazer or jacket for a professional and polished look. Add a rich looking silk scarf to your white business dress. Feeling bold and want to convey power? Get a bright-coloured square. For a feminine appeal, use a softer shade like pink or violet.

- White and undergarment When wearing a white dress, it’s important to wear the right undergarments. Match the colour of your undergarments to your skin tone, not to the colour of your dress.

- White to accentuate figure? No. Don’t go too tight! It doesn’t in any way flatter you.

How do you make your white colourful?

When teamed with the right accessories, a white dress looks every bit as dramatic as black. You can have fun with colours. Go ahead and feel free teaming it with other colours.