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Entertainment of Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Mahama takes care of old musicians – Mr. Beautiful

Actor Clement Bonney Actor Clement Bonney

Clement Bonney referred to in showbiz as Mr. Beautiful has disclosed that some veteran musicians and actors are being taken care of by former President John Mahama.

Mr. Beautiful told Anita Erskine and Giovani on Starr Drive that Mr. Mahama has always had the old folks at heart, but always kept his assistance to them on the low.

“Because of the kind of politics we do in Ghana, Mr. Mahama does things and he doesn’t want people to know about it,” he said, adding “you can call C.K Mann, Akpatse, Mr. Mensah of Showcase in Ga, Super OD, A.B Crentsil, J.A Adofo… every three to four months he sends them money from his pocket and I’m trying to get the aide of former President Mahama so they can allow us release the videos of all the things he has done and doing for these old folks”.

According to Mr. Beautiful, former President Mahama had it in the NDC manifesto that he would raise some funds for the aged musicians so that when they get to certain age they can be catered for by the fund, but that did not materialise because they lost the 2016 elections.

He added: “In the NDC 2016 manifesto; page 48 and 49, President Mahama intentionally put it there that he will raise some funds for the old age musicians and actors, especially entertainers so when you get to a certain age you qualify so that it will take care of you till you die, and unfortunately he didn’t win and that didn’t come on”.