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Fashion of Tuesday, 2 October 2018


London's Jennis & Warmann launched in Accra

Okyeame Kwame, Lexis Bill, others in Jennis & Warmann suits at the launch of the brand in Accra

Jennis & Warmann was started with a fighting attitude and a lofty ambition: to offer high end, high-quality luxury menswear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for the new generation of style-conscious gentlemen.

Every idea starts with a problem and ours was simple: Great suits are too expensive. Reasonably priced suits look too cheap and don’t last.

We are the kind of people whose lives involve wearing suits at 80% of the time. We needed a great suit for a very special occasion. As residents of the United Kingdom (UK) we wanted something very British and also traditional, a traditional tweed suit.

We soon realised we were priced out almost everywhere we went. After searching for months, we were finally able to find a good suit at a ridiculously high price but, such was the game!

We noticed that we were not the only people in that pool. Most men will find it very difficult to get a good, well-made suit at their budget. But, should an item of fashion be too expensive that it takes some people out of the equation?

Put simply, NO.

Since that day, we started to research on suit making and how best to bridge the gap between quality suits and ridiculously high prices.

Our Solution was to create a niche and close the gap. Hence, the brand Jennis & Warmann was created and incorporated in UK in 2015.

Over the years we have designed and created high quality suits to dress high profile celebrities, corporate clients and famous sportsmen in United Kingdom, Germany, USA, Australia and Canada.

Why Ghana?

We visited Ghana in 2016 and were amazed to see how dapper Ghanaian men were. The weather in Ghana was hot but men here were going full throttle with their ensemble. We just loved the fashion sense of the men in Ghana and felt like we needed to come home and contribute to the dapperness of Ghanaian gentlemen.

We came to the conclusion that a finer, smoother and thinner fabric will be the best way to go. So, we researched and came out with our super fine 150’s worsted wool collection. Well refined and of high quality and very durable. With our handmade traditional craftmanship, we could provide suits that were suitable for the weather and affordable for all. We found a new generation of quintessential gentlemen who were willing to spend money on themselves to look the part.

The Problem?

High end menswear items in Ghana are dominated by a very small minority whose aim is to take prices artificially high in order to create a specific group of buyers.

High quality men’s fashion ensemble cost an arm and a leg in this part of the world.

Even when you have the money, it is quite another challenge finding the right place to get what you need. Most will have to order them abroad at a high cost and pay a lot of money for delivery. Even if you can afford, the delivery could take forever.

What about those elite few who can afford to go through problems 1 and 2 but need a well-made, bespoke service?

What about someone who wants something exquisite and personal?

Our solution:

Bring Quintessential home. Since we, the founders of Jennis & Warmann, are Ghanaians, we concluded that it will only be proper to establish in Ghana, so we can cater for the needs of the dapper generation in Ghana.

We noticed that since we introduced the brand to Ghanaians in 2016, orders for our exquisite suits and other menswear items have soared. The high cost of postage still remains an issue.

Establishing in Ghana will give us the opportunity to work with fashion icons and style influencers to create something that is Quintessentially British but Royally Ghanaian at absolutely no cost of postage from UK to Ghana but also at a very great price

On September 22, 2018, we launched our brand, Jennis & Warmann in Ghana.

It was a night of glitz and glamour which brought together famous fashion icons in the likes of Okyeame Kwame (well known for a having a superior taste for quality fashion), Lexis Bill (the very definition of a stylish executive in the Ghanaian Media) and others.

The red carpet was lit with style, glamour and dapperness.

Jennis & Warmann showed that we are not another western company coming to establish here looking to make as much money as possible from Ghanaians. We are here to make friends, build relationships, and form part of a generation of men who exude style and class.

We also exhibited how to remain Royally Ghanaian with a touch of British Tailoring in our suits as reflected in the bespoke suit that was handcrafted by Jennis & Warmann for Okyeame Kwame. A suit that was designed by a Ghanaian, tailored in Britain with a touch of our beautiful Culture.

For Okyeame Kwame, an advocate of "Made in Ghana" or "Made by a Ghanaian" products, A Kente Cloth was used to add character to the suit. A fully customised suit with the Okyeame Kwame’s logo embroidered in it. How much more personal can this get?

We also demonstrated how we can fit all body sizes and shapes with a smoked pinstriped executive three-piece suit for Mr Lexis Bill.

For Mr Bill who is one of the physically healthiest, muscular and well-built men around, his suit was made to reflect his perfect physique and this was complemented with a stylish waistcoat.

We added some style to the executive suit for him. After all, it’s BOARDROOM, not BORED ROOM.

A great night indeed where models and guests experienced an atmosphere of dapperness.

We aim to create your wardrobe with care and attention to detail.

We will work with you to make sure you are seen as you think.

Your style is an extension of yourself.

So, if you’re thinking of a suit but worried about the cost, where to buy, how it will fit, personalising it, we are home and here to stay.

We will be introducing our ladies collection soon as we aim to take care of our beautiful African women.

We invite you to come and join The Quintessentially Bespoke Family.