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Lifestyle: What does it mean when he doesn’t text for 3 days

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Worried that he’s not going to get back to you ever again? Anxious that he’s found someone else? This article seeks to explore the possible reasons why he hasn’t texted you for 3 days – as well as how you can deal with that.

We get it. It isn’t nice when the guy you like suddenly goes dark for three days. It’s a nervy period. You want to think he’s just busy, but at the back of your mind there is that feeling that something is up. Maybe it was something you said, or maybe he’s bored.

How we react is entirely down to how we ordinarily respond to things. If we’re usually positive, upbeat people, we’ll brush it off and assume he’ll get back to us eventually. If we’re a bit negative and always assume the worst? We’ll assume that he’s met someone else. The truth is, his silence could be down to any number of reasons. Let’s take a look at what it might mean if he hasn’t texted for three days.

He really is busy

How can someone be so busy that they can’t even send one little text? It sounds ridiculous. But life sometimes gets so in the way that texting someone back – even someone we have a crush on – gets bumped down in our list of priorities. Then what happens is that we genuinely forget to text. If life has got on top of him lately, the good news is that he will text back eventually. In the meantime, it’ll do you no harm to shoot him a text to see how he’s doing.

He’s playing it cool

Maybe he’s a cool cat who has decided to play it cool with you. Instead of looking needy and desperate, he’s going to go a few days without texting you to see what you’d do. Actually, this is less playing it cool and more playing a game. And no one likes that, right? If he’s decided to act all cool to see if you’ll come running back to him, asking where he is and telling him that you miss him, try not to participate in his game. It’s immature. If he likes you, he wouldn’t disappear for three days. Call his bluff and wait him out. He’ll come back if he is interested.

He thought it was your turn to reply

“You were waiting for me to reply? I was waiting for you to reply!” Hilarity ensues. Yep, sometimes he is waiting for you while you’re waiting for him to reply. This is a genuine mistake that does happen. Ever shot someone a text at the exact same time they shot you one? Their text would have come in at precisely the moment you sent yours. Because you were so distracted sending yours, you didn’t see theirs.

So you close their conversation box and don’t reopen it until you get another notification. Only, that notification isn’t coming because they’ve already texted you and are waiting for YOU to reply! It’s a mix up – but it happens. Sometimes, modern technology lets us down. Either your phone didn’t work or theirs didn’t. Either way, they didn’t get your reply and are still waiting.

He can’t think of a response

Check the last text you sent him. Did it leave him with no where to take the conversation? Did you send him a one word answer (again)? If you have a habit of sending him closed responses, he might be unsure of where to keep taking the conversation next. To keep the convo alive, send him interesting replies.

Ask questions. Don’t kill it with an “okay” or a “sure.” Guys like to lead convos, but they need help from you. If your last reply was a bit of a conversation killer, his silence might just be that he thought you weren’t interested enough to give him a better response. How to deal with this? Take a look at the last few texts you sent him. If you were hardly the life and soul of the conversation and gave him drab one word answers, it’s time that you started to be a bit more talkative and creative with your texts. Give him a reason to text you back. Be fun, be flirty and ask him some questions.

He needs some space

Were you guys intensely texting recently? Maybe he thought it was too much and needed some space to himself. If so, you should be totally cool with that. Give it to him. If you start asking where he’s gone, it could frighten him off. There is someone else involved

If you’ve been texting him but nothing is official, he’s perfectly within his rights to text other girls – just like you’re within your rights to text other guys if you wanted to. And look, sometimes a guy prefers to text one girl and not the other. Sometimes, he hasn’t got the time to text the two of you. If you’ve been suspecting for a while now that you’re part of a menage à trois – perhaps there have been clues on Facebook – your suspicions are probably on point. What can you do in this instance? Not much.

If you really like him, you could try to convince him that you’re the one he should be texting. Maybe send him a cute video message to get his attention. But honestly? Just play it cool. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Do what he’s doing – text other guys. Give yourself some options.

He’s had second thoughts

Sometimes, a guy (and a girl) just has second thoughts about the whole thing and stops texting. Should he have told you that he’s done with texting you? It’d be polite. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Three days is a fairly long time not to text someone, so there is a good chance he’s given up and has moved on. If so, it’s better to leave him be. You’d rather text someone who actually wants to text you, right?

Do you have tips on what to do when a guy stops texting you?

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