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Entertainment of Friday, 5 February 2016


Lifestyle: Using the ATM, what you must know!

I know you have heard of some few incidents around your hood. There was a report of a woman in Sunyani who was stabbed at an ATM one morning.

Well, another happened in Kumasi, where a man claiming to be an ATM machine technician withdrew over 5000 GHC from a woman’s account after telling her to use another machine. She had already entered her PIN and forgotten to cancel her session.

Before you call her careless, I’d have you know there are many of us who can be just as bad. But it’s high time we took safety seriously. So as much as you hate the extra rules, we’re going to dish out some few things you need to stop doing at the ATM pronto.

1. Writing down your PIN

You’ve got to memorise your PIN. Period! No two ways about that. Writing down the PIN on the card or the cover of the card is a big mistake. Do we really need to explain why?

2. Not looking over your shoulder

In places where there is more than one ATM machine, be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. If you notice anyone oddly close to you, ask them to move away before you make a transaction. If they do not listen, alert security immediately. You’d rather look like a fool than be robbed.

3. Visiting ATMs in secluded places

Yes, these are the ones that are usually empty, but for a reason. Avoid ATMs that are located on the far end of the street especially at night. Also, do not enter an ATM if there is no guard present.

4. Not subscribing to SMS alerts

Almost every bank provides this facility. The quick SMS will help you keep track of transactions. Also, there are times when the ATM machine debits money from your account but doesn’t dispense the cash. In such cases, the SMS alert will help you learn about the transaction and promptly report the incident to the bank.

5. Forgetting to hit ‘Cancel’

Before you leave the ATM, do not forget to press the ‘Cancel’ button. This helps clear the PIN and other data you entered in the machine.

6. Counting money in public

Yes, it’s important to count the money before you leave the ATM. However, counting notes next to the door is an invitation for trouble. Stand in front of the machine or in the corner of the ATM while counting cash. You’d rather be safe than sorry.

7. Leaving behind your card

You’ll be shocked at the number of people who do this. Always make sure both the cash and your card are in your wallet before you leave the machine.

8. Not reporting your lost card immediately

When you realise that you have lost your debit/ATM card, report the incident to the bank immediately. Of course, without the helpline number of your bank, this won’t be possible. So save the number on your mobile phone. Like right now!