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Entertainment of Sunday, 16 July 2017


Leila Djansi is just an ignorant nut with a slight privilege – Chris-Vincent hits back

Celebrity blogger and founding editor of, Christ-Vincent Agyapong Febiri has taken a hard swipe at Ghanaian-American filmmaker Leila Djansi for accusing him of leading Christabel Ekeh to her current situation.

Chris Vincent, in a post on social media on July 15, 2017, narrated how he gradually helped Christabel to climb the ladder of fame which helped her to secure movie roles in movies like ‘Potomanto’, ‘Love or something like that”, "College Girls", "Peep", "Ladies with wings", "Wrong Target" and many others.

Telling the untold story about the sudden change in Miss Ekeh’s behavior and the reason behind the release of her naked pictures on social media, Chris Vincent revealed that “Efia” of College Girls is suffering psychologically, the symptoms, she has been showing to people close to her and Ghanaians at large.

However, Leila who thinks, Miss Ekeh’s current psychosis state is due to the fact that she couldn’t handle the pressure that comes with being famous, blamed the person who directly pushed her to fame.

“This morning, I was sent an article on that BP increasing website Ghana Celebrities where the owner went on about how he was carving the actress to become popular.

Forcing her down the throat of readers. Strategized articles. Posting that she bought a Hummer when it was actually loaned to her her boyfriend who took it back! To what end? Why? Now she's insane. The blogger is not. He's moving on with his life. Such is life! If you're forced down a throat, you'll be regurgitated!” Leila wrote.

Mr. Febri responding to Leila’s comment called her “an ignorant nut, with a slight privilege” who lives in America with uneducated Ghanaians buying into “whatever dose of nonsense” she presents.

“Today, Leila has an opinion? Don't talk about things you have no idea about. Sometimes it's good to ignore folks like Leila.

On a lighter side, Leila says is a BP increasing blog yet she reads it--which sensible person will continue to read a blog or a link from a blog which you know can raise your BP?

And then take an article from there to make an exaggerated post on Facebook so her credulous followers will say she's right?

Leila, I do not have time for you but you are just an ignorant nut, with a slight privilege--which is that you happen to live in America and therefore some uneducated Ghanaians like you buy into whatever dose of nonsense you present”, he wrote.