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Entertainment of Monday, 17 February 2003

Source: Accra Mail

Ladies in Michael Power's "Critical Assignment"

Action hero Michael Power certainly knows how to pick his ladies. A sneak preview of the new Michael Power movie "Critical Assignment" slated to be launched in Ghana by end of February shows two stunning leading ladies playing very different characters in the film.

Both beauties are 26 years old. Moshidi Motshegwa is the determined and dependable Anita, while Thami Ngubeni plays the glamorous and ambiguous Sabina.

This is only Moshidi's second feature film after "One Man one Vote", but she comes to the role from a distinguished and successful background in television and theatre. She won an award for her performance in "Coloured Museum" and was nominated for "Morabi", both with the Market Theatre in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Most of Thami's work has been behind the camera as producer, scriptwriter and editor of different shows. She began her television career as a teenage presenter on shows like "Teleschool", "Talk Talk" and "Live Your Dreams". She has also been a successful interviewer and radio newsreader. Probably her most high profile role was as 'Khensani' in the popular soap "Generations" which also screened on TV3, a Ghanaian television station.

In the blockbuster "Critical Assignment", Michael Power plays the role of a successful international journalist and man of Africa. He takes on a seemingly straightforward assignment covering crucial social issues. Michael soon finds out that he is reporting a story with far reaching implications. Through his inner strength, he succeeds in overcoming major obstacles to uncover a menacing conspiracy.

For Ghanaian film-goers, this truly African movie should be of special interest because one of the co-stars is our own celebrated local actor Omanza Shaw.

In the film Omanza plays the role of Michael Power's loyal friend Harry Mogaji, who in seeking to improve the lives of people in his village, enlists the help of the crusading journalist in his struggle.

Omanza earned quite a reputation as an actor of choice in 1996 when he starred as one of the Ghanaian stowaways in "Deadly Voyage", an exciting HBO/BBC film. The film was based on a tragic true-life story of eight young Ghanaian men who attempted to stowaway on a ship with the dream of leaving their country for greener pastures overseas.

Guinness will be responsible for distribution of "Critical Assignment" across the African continent.