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LIFESTYLE: Should you access your partner’s mobile phone

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A partner is someone you decide to spend your intimate life with. Then comes the question, what is a mobile phone, Mobile means not fixed in one position, easy to move and used in different places.

The phone is a communication device or a telecommunication device. Therefore a mobile phone is a telecommunication or communication device that is not fixed in one position but can be moved or used in different places.

Meaning of Assess and Access:

Assess means to make a judgment about a person or situation after thinking carefully about it. Access is the right to enter a place so you can see something or someone.

Assessing a partner’s phone has both positive and negative effects. It can mar the beauty and peace in a marriage or relationship if one finds hidden kinds of stuff about the partner by accessing the phone. The effects have been outlined below.

1. Makes your partner doubt your trust in him or her:

when you pick your partner's phone to access good rule or find out what is on the phone without his or her permission and he or she comes to meet it he or she start to think you don’t trust him or her. You there for suspect that he or she is not transparent to you.

2. Makes a partner draws a conclusion that you think he or she is hiding something from you

Assessing your partner’s phone with or without his or her consent makes him or her draw a conclusion that you think or suspect him or her of hiding stuffs from you instead of being transparent about everything that matters to the relationship or marriage.

3. Sparks misunderstanding if one partner disagree to accessing of his/her phone:

If mutual understanding is not reached regarding accessing a partner’s phone, this can lead to a misunderstanding that might lead to fight and even end in divorce.

4. It can hurt you when you see or hear something negative or not planned for:

You can be hurt when after going through your Partner’s phone you discover something that you don’t know about him or her, which is negative for example, pornographic pictures or videos or profane music or intimate chat with the opposite sex.

5. Accessing a Partner’s phone can lead to a breakup in a marriage:

Some partners have difficulty in letting go and therefore take everything serious. Such people can cause the end of a relationship or the marriage if one partner assess his or her phone without his or her consent and get his/her trust broken. That partner easily concludes that you have a negative mindset about him or her and therefore don’t see the need why the relationship or the marriage should continue without you both trusting each other.

6. Your trust in your partner might be lost if you find something disgusting about him/her

if you take your partner’s phone and go through and happen to find out something negative that you least expect him or her to do or have on the phone your trust level might start to decrease to the extent of running down to the minimum of trust for your partner. Your trust can be completely lost when you find something opposite to what you were expecting on your partner’s phone.