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Music of Monday, 18 December 2017

Source: Nankwe Hassan

Blogger explains why he leaked Stonebwoy's EOM album

Since time immemorial, the clarion call has been for Ghanaians to patronise made-in-Ghana services. Day in and day out, we are encouraged to buy and patronise made-in-Ghana services through public education, adverts and other forms of media.

The rationale, we are told, is a mark of patriotism as good citizens and proud Ghanaians. Patriotism is being devoted to and showing love for one’s country.

On Tuesday, December 13, 2017, something spectacular happened in the history of the Ghana Music Industry. The manager of Stonebwoy the signee of Zylofon Media threatened to sue a music blogging site for uploading Stonebwoy's Epistles Mama Album on their site for free upload.

The manager of Stonebwoy, however, said "I called you earlier this morning telling you to take the album down, which you have refused to do. Am giving you up to 3 good hours to do that or I sue you".

However, the argument should be a two-way effect, because, you can’t eat your cake and have it. Ghanaian artists always accuse Ghanaian bloggers for uploading their tracks for free downloads, however they always give their tracks to bloggers in Ghana to upload for free downloads whiles they patronize foreign websites at the expense of uploading their tracks on their site for purchasing purpose! As an entertainment writer, I get disappointed any time I visit entertainment event's in Ghana.

Since the sales of CDs are not more fashioning properly here in Ghana, if an upcoming artiste don’t get a good paying show to perform, then he or she moves on the street struggling to get a means to finance a new work, it's so pathetic.

The worst thing killing our industry is where music lovers and business people get the end products of young men and women’s sweat for free.

The C.E.O of parrynation however questioned, ”Bloggers get free access to songs and push them on their sites and when people download them for free the singer, composer, producer and investors on that specific song don’t get a penny from it, yet still you upload your tracks on foreign site's for purchasing purpose. What do you what the upcoming artists to earn from their sweat as Ghanaian? So, I intentionally uploaded the track on my site for free downloads, because it's so painful to see Ghanaian musicians disrespect we bloggers."

He said, it's high time we patronise our own products, realistically too, living in a globalized world, we cannot also say that we will not use other people’s services at all. But what can we do to improve upon our own services so that we can patronize what belongs to us as a people? It is from this viewing window that I should like beautiful people of Ghana to come to our aid, they are good ideas but as how to initiate them has become a big headache as we lack enough sponsorship.

Why should Ghanaians be characterized as “foreign services prone creatures?” In other words, why do most Ghanaians normally tend to prefer foreign services to those in Ghana? Is it a psychological problem or colonial mentality syndrome, or both? The reader should meditate on this rythorical question.

However, the difference is that this campaign is more holistic in scope and encompasses all sectors of the Ghana Music Industry. But the crux of the matter is that all Ghanaian Musicians are desirous of encouraging Ghanaians to patronize indigenous Ghanaian services, be it Music Promotion, Fashion, Beats, Events organising and many more.

But the object of this article is not to support parrynation technological fame. On the contrary of this, the author wishes to prick the conscience of Ghanaians as to why they should NOT patronize made in Ghana services at all. And why?

Patroning Ghanaian services will help contribute to the technological advancement of the country? How can a young artists make money if Ghanaians doesn't patronize their own services? Perhaps, a simplistic analogy may illustrate my argument better:

The Purpose of Parrynation 1. To help the upcoming artists to make room in the Music industry, supposing Like an upcoming goes to a studio to record a track for an amount of 300-500ceds. Goes to pay djs to play, pay bloggers to promote their tracks and they dont even get a penny out of it. He waste about almost 1000ceds. And the annoying part is they even pay to perform on a show, this is killing the Music Industry.

Most upcoming artiste are freaking talented but due to stress and the pain the go through some even give up. But if Parry Nation get the support we would be paying upcoming artiste just as we doing now for the downloads they make, won't this help the upcoming ones to record more tracks?

2. If Ghanaian Musicians patronise our services (parrynation) it will help most artists earn enough income rather than fighting over royalties, let's for instance say Shatta Wale beefing with Stonebwoy, Samini, Yaa Pono, Criss Waddle and many more. If they happen to record a song, I swear that song will be the biggest hit in the country because everyone will like have the song. So, that is where parrynation becomes the best over iTunes and many more.

3. All transactions on parrynation are very secured, in the sense that when you deposit money into your mobile money account's and your visa cards you can download as much as 1,000 tracks on parrynation.

4. All songs promoted on parrynation will be encrypted and can not be shared to third parties, when parrynation upload your songs for promotion and one person happens to download it he/she can not send it to anyone unless the person also buys it, it's going to fetch the artists billions of cedis because everyone will have to download it, until the artists has had enough income and wants us to unecrypt the tracks for free downloads and free shares.

The C.E.O added "I had all the tracks on Stonebwoy Epistles Mama album without paying a penny for it on Itunes thus technology".

He concluded "we have notice that upcoming Ghanaian artists pay huge amount of money to media and bloggers for promotions without getting a penny out of that. So, we are here to put money in the puckets of every artists who happens to promotes his/her songs on parrynation".

He added, As I sit back to watch what is going on in the Ghana music industry I sometimes shed tears. I see no good future in it.

This is killing our industry drastically and if authorities don’t take measures against it, there will be a time no one will go to the recording studio to do a song. When you compare what’s is going on here to our nearby country Nigeria, its not like this. Every song you download online you would have to pay for it as equally as America and other European countries.

Ghana Music has gone a long way to the age that we need to be matured in business aspect to benefit every one for a creative work. I will keep pushing this agenda thus I plead all industry players to join hands with me to make it possible as early ad possible.