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Music of Tuesday, 21 September 2010

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Kwaw Kese versus Asem, Jon Germain and KOD in his latest music video, Killa bewu last show

Ghana's rap mad man, Kwaw Kesse's is back with a new music video and he goes hard against various people in the Ghanaian music industry who he's had spats with. In the song, he beefs with Jon Germain, Asem and KOD. Watch the music video on Youtube. Join me and shout 'Ab?dam' (Madness), 'Wol??b?', and 'W?ny?w?ny?'.

His feud with Jon Germain started when Jon mentioned that Kwaw was his least favourite Ghanaian rapper in an interview with Sparxx Magazine. He called Kwaw a comedian, saying people who don't understand what he is saying will not feel him. I do know my good friend @yummytumz who's from South Africa will disagree though. Kwaw refers to Jon Germain as Jon Gyimigyimii (Jon foolish boy) and calls him his hater or enemy in the 'Killer bewu last show' song. Earlier this year, Jon and Kwaw were both invited as guests to e-TV's Celebrity Soccer Show. When Kwaw realised he'd be on the same program as Jon, he refused to be on the show.

Kwaw Kesse also took issue with Asem. He had mentioned when he featured on Ayigbe Edem's You Dey Craze track - /Mo na modebaay?, nanso y?n na y?y?? no hit which means 'You brought it but we made a hit'. He took issue Asem's line on Tinny's Ringtone second Remix where Asem said Y?n na y?debaay?, nanso y?n na y?y?? no hit; mo na modebaay?, na moy?? no shit. Literal translation of what Asem said? We brought it and made it a hit, you brought it and made it shit. Tinny's song featured Okyeame Kwame & Richie as well while Ayigbe Edem's song featured Sarkodie as well. Asem's manager and labe mate, Richie, on TV Africa’s Rundown with Yaw Sakyi, came out to defend Asem saying what he did is common place in hip-hop. Richie added that it wasn’t a direct attack on Kwaw but rather to the charlatans in the industry who have no business being in the game. After Kwaw mentions 'come give me blow' (an obvious jab at Asem's Gimme blow), he talks about people always 'effing' all the girls, the chics and the mothers and how it won't be long until they 'eff' all the boys and their friends. What's he trying to say? Your guess is as good as mine.

Earlier this year, Kwaw Kesse was not happy about not being nominated for the Ghana Music Awards. He rubbished the awards and mentioned that KOD (who manages Praye & Wutah) and Kiki Banson (who manages Becca) had conflicts of interest since they were part of the panel selecting the nominees. KOD, who is also a popular DJ with Accra's Radio Gold, responded "Kwaw Kese is no longer a musician”, hadn't released new music and needs to retire. Well, Kwaw is back with new music and he has choice words for Kofi Okyere Darko, calling him his enemy in the song.

Kwaw Kese also mentions that people are talking about at BET, MTV, BBC and all over England. Kwaw's popularity around the world matches most hiplife rappers and this music video may just increase that popularity. It is a great song and music video and it has most of the things we love about the 'Man Insane'.