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Movies of Sunday, 10 November 2013

Source: Flex Newspaper

Kumasi movies are improperly scripted - Gavivina Tamakloe

Ace actor Gavivina Tamakloe has openly confessed during an exclusive interview with Flex newspaper in his office in Accra that he’s not a fan of movies.

“Movies produced lately depict same storylines and casts. The movies are so boring and predictable that I can’t spend time to watch them fully. Sometimes, I have to view the montage and cast names then forward to the end.” Mr. Tamakloe craftily sensing the next question would be “Why then, are you into acting?” was quick to add that he does act just to earn income.

In a question as to whether he loved Kumawood movies, he responded that he knows nothing about the said name yet but revealed that Kumasi movies are improperly scripted.

“Only acts, scenes, props and locations are recorded, without dialogues. The rest is improvisation. Hence, the talkative of the day becomes the star. Therefore, the actors turn to make humorous and verbally insulting comments in order to have more to say. Movies portray our real lives.

As a result, the emotions related to every instance must be displayed rightfully. It shouldn’t just be like making audience laugh all the time even when there’s a tragic incident in a scene. Juju and witchcraft should not always be given a standard in our culture. Meanwhile, that is not the only means of telling our stories,” he added.