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Entertainment of Friday, 23 August 2019


Kesse clears air on reports of bonking former manager

Gospel musician, Kesse play videoGospel musician, Kesse

Few days ago, it was reported that Ghanaian gospel musician, Kesse said he has slept with his manager countless times which left people confused if he really said that.

The report was also difficult for discerning minds to understand why Ghanaian musicians find it difficult to keep a healthy working relationship with their working partners.

But in a recent interview with SVTV Africa, repented Kesse emphatically told host DJ Nyaami that he did not say anything like that and the report is false.

Kesse explained that Joanna Maa-Adjoa Nana Awoo Gyan, the woman, he was reported to have slept with countless times is not his manager but rather his ex-girlfriend.

“I didn’t want to talk about this but…she is not my former manager, she is my ex and she wasn’t my former manager. We are still cool, we talk and all that. Sometimes, people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, when you see a caption, at least watch the video before you judge the person. This media work, someone can caption it for people to like it and get views, so the person will write something that will be attractive but that’s not what the person said.”

“I even praised the person on air, that she was very supportive but I don’t what happen that, the person couldn’t write the praises that I praise the girl but rather said something that, I didn’t say. Even when I was doing secular music I never did that, how much more, I’m into Christ and I will say this.” He added.

Asked whether he was offended and hurt with the report, Kesse noted “Oh yeah, it hurt me. For someone, a renowned presenter to ask me that question and I said yes. I didn’t even mention anything like manager, it was a yes thing. I kept on repeating that, she is been helpful, helpful…I even said, she was the last person that encourage me that, you have to do gospel music and I’ll support you. So the person couldn’t find something nice out of it but to write what I didn’t say, it’s very hurtful.” He added.

In the voice of Kesse, he has denounced the profane world because of his encounter with the leader of the Christian faith, Jesus Christ. As a result, he’s now a gospel musician and he won’t go back to his sinful ways again – the era of doing secular music.

Kesse is currently promoting his new single ‘Sweet Jesus’.
There is no doubt that this amazing tune will fill all the waves across the nation. The song talked about what Jesus has done for him and the power of the son of God.