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Entertainment of Saturday, 22 June 2019


Keep on insulting me, when you contract HIV/AIDS you’ll run to me - Bro Sammy

Self-acclaimed miracle worker, Bro. Sammy, who recently claimed his miracle water created only between the hours of 1-2am can cure all diseases, has slammed at critics for calling him a fraudster.

Many people believe that his antics are just an attempt to dupe gullible Ghanaians, yet he’s not happy others are calling him out on that.

On social media, he and his ‘miracle water’ is being mocked. Several notable people have criticized him including Ola Michael called him a fraud and said only stupid people would buy the water.

Replying his critics, livid Bro Sammy has sent a word of caution saying that those attacking him would require help from him when they get contract HIV/AIDS.

In a video sighted by Bro Sammy was heard saying;

“In Ghana people will always talk about you no matter what. If a European do something we’re cool but for a Ghanaian, hell no! Regardless sit on Facebook and insult me. You’ll definitely run to me when you’re infected with HIV someday,”