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Entertainment of Friday, 7 December 2018


Joyce Blessing’s accident almost marred our event – Ernest Kwesi Ennin

Kwesi Ernest and Joyce Blessing Kwesi Ernest and Joyce Blessing

Media Excel boss, Ernest Kwesi Ennin and his former artiste Joyce Blessing have been at each other for a while with several accusations and counter accusation, slander and name calling.

Ernest Kwesi Ennin after the unfortunate happenings rendered an apology so we want to believe they have gone past their differences as he spoke seemingly fondly of her while warning arts who will want to turn up for this year’s “Bliss On The Hills” late.

During the launch of “Bliss On The Hills”, the same program, Joyce Blessing was travelling to last year and had an accident and couldn’t perform. A question was posed to the organizers about measures put in place to ensure the safety of the artist and to avoid a no show from any artiste like we saw last year.

Ernest Kwesi Ennin in responding though sounded calmly details it’s an unfortunate incident and they regret it, adding that they know Christmas is a cocoa season for an artist and that their new contractual agreement requires the artist to be at the event grounds 2 – 3 hours before the show because that accident incident last year almost marred the event and took away its beauty.

“It was an unfortunate incident that happened last year and we regret every bit of it, we believe the investment thrown into the event is for its success and not to disadvantage anyone. We also know Christmas is a cocoa season for our artists. Some of them think they can play one show here and there, but for us we have changed our contractual obligations, artists are to be at their hotel 2-3 hours before the event starts. If by 7pm an art is not in, the organizers have the right to withhold 25% of their performance fee.”

He went along expressing his displeasure at the unfortunate incident, saying, “Such occurrences when it happens, it takes away the beauty of the event, someone is putting in money and we all saw what that accident incident brought to the event last year. It almost marred the beauty of the whole organization. One month of practices, preparations and one person almost came to mare the whole event.”

He rounded up by saying, ”We have restructured, we are the event organizers so it’s either you are ready to conform or…. because there are other artists who are ready to perform. So if you think you are big and you want to take another persons event and belittle ours and come at twelve midnight, then we are sorry therefor we will go according to our contractual obligations.”