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Entertainment of Monday, 4 January 2021

Source: Attractive Mustapha, Contributor

It’s not a guarantee for every musician to be rich - Tic

Musician Tic Musician Tic

Veteran Ghanaian Hiplife musician Tic formerly known as Tic Tac has opined that it is not a guarantee for every musician to be rich.

Speaking in an interview with Ghanaian journalist and Blogger Attractive Mustapha, he said that every human can go ‘broke’ so being broke or rich should not be limited to musicians.

He further stated that life is not about being rich, poor or being in the middle class.

“There are Doctors and journalists who are broke, it’s about human management, sometimes it’s not your fault to be broke, you may be unlucky but sometimes too you may succeed through music as a musician.”

He continued that; “…for me, I get bothered when people giggle at some Ghanaian musicians for being broke, I get worried because there are great musicians across the world who didn't get rich.”

TicTac further stated that the good thing about doing music is that at any point in time musicians can transform themselves and adopt creativity to set a new tone and become rich.

“Some musicians may be creators only but not businessmen and all they may know how to do is music so they may need businessmen as managers to assist in creating wealth from their talent,” he told Attractive Mustapha.

He lamented that he hates it when people want to always talk about making money in music, because to him, being successful as a musician and celebrated for your good works is the most important thing and not just the monetary aspect.