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Tabloid News of Sunday, 26 May 2002

Source: taken off SIL

It's a chicken.... No it's a vulture

Patrons of the various chopbars and khebab seeling points in Kumasi were taken aback following the discovery of a 37-year old man Kwabena Manu. Mr Manu has for sometime now been killing vultures, dressing them neatly and selling them to unsespecting chopbar operators who in turn offer them for sale to the general public.

Some chopbars operators at Kejetia who spoke to the newspaper confirmed that its is possible some of their members might have contracted Manu to kill the vultures for them since that might be cheaper compared to the properly packaged chicken. Manu an unemployed who thought he could make a living from the vultures was traced to a rubbish dump after a tip- off by some local children who reportd that middle eged man was killing vultures and selling to chopbars. He was arrested whilst in the process of strangling two vultures. He had already killed six and hidden them in a sack. After interogations Manu said he trapped the vultures with food laced with intoxicans, so when the birds take in the food, they become intoxicate and unable to fly. He would then catch and kill them, remove the heads and legs and dress them nicely for sale to his prospective buyers. He innitially told the men who had caught him, he needed the heads for medicine.

He has since been sentenced to six months imprisonment.