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It is not in women’s nature to write a will - Actor claims

Actor, Michael Agyare Actor, Michael Agyare

Actor, Michael Agyare, popularly referred to as Grandpa, has shared reasons most women do not prepare wills before they die.

During an interview with Adwen, the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s adult show In Bed With Adwen, he first described a will as a statement that people write to help allocate their properties to the right beneficiaries after they die.

According to Grandpa, most women die without leaving a will because per the culture in our part of the world, it is more of a man’s thing to prepare a will to give his properties to his wife when he dies.

He added that, “For a lot of women, the reason they do not write a will is that in their mind, the man will die before them and leave his property in their name so these days, if you look at those young girls who go in for sugar daddies, their mindset is that if God is to call that man to rest, they will be left with lots of properties”.

Again, he mentioned that in some cases, it is the fault of parents that their daughters do not write wills because some parents advice their daughters to bring home money and property when they go into marriage. As a result, these women get married and instead of focusing on securing their own property, they are rather focused on how to get their husbands’ property as a takeaway when the man dies

The actor opined that majority of Ghanaian women only get married for the properties or for the inheritance.