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Entertainment of Saturday, 17 October 2015


Illustrations: How motherhood affects the lifestyle of women

The outing time The outing time

One of the greatest gifts that can never be taken away from a woman is the joy of motherhood.

In our society, freedom is one thing nobody wishes to trade with, everybody loves freedom. Interestingly, at the arrival of a child, the freedom to do so many things for ourselves changes.

Especially with women, the freedom to go shopping with other single women, the chit chat, the gossip, the watching of favorite TV programmes and most importantly the decoration of the room ends; hence more attention will be given to a child.

Women tend to forget their struggles and pain the world always offer them, but not the joy they have for their children.

With these, I can say that every woman will relate and support Jessica Simpson’s quote, “motherhood is a dream. It is absolutely amazing”.

Sometimes, no matter how difficult it tends to be for these parents, the joy and love the child brings to them overshadows all other things they have sacrificed for.

Are you a mother or a father; do you reckon with our illustration? Share your comments below.