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Entertainment of Monday, 29 January 2018


‘I’m unlucky with women’ – Psalm Adjetefio

Actor Psalm Adjetefio aka. T.T play videoActor Psalm Adjetefio aka. T.T

Veteran Actor Psalm Adjetefio has revealed the ‘unfortunate’ experiences he has had with women. For him, most of his life lessons were learnt from his encounters with women he thought he had fallen in love with but who taught him the bitter sides of life.

He narrated how his home was destroyed in one instance because he put his love for a woman over his children and their concerns. According to him, life with his children, particularly his daughter was perfect until he brought in a woman who he gave his all to and regretted.

“I’m a single father and I think I’m happy with my children. Thinking of what, by my mistake, what my children were subjected to, sometimes when I think about it, I feel like weeping and I’ve apologized several times to them. Me and my first daughter we had to be separated for 10 years, I had to take her to my sister. She is with me now, when she came back, she called me monster and beast because for her, we were having a fine life until I went to bring that devil into our house so for this, she called me these names.…. Talking about the lady who he said featured in the famous ‘Taxi Driver’ series, he said “I was even trying to get her into acting, I even sent her to the university, I gave her four years of university of education, I did all that and she betrayed me and my children…I haven’t been lucky, it’s like the women I got were boiled from Satan’s kitchen”, he said.

He was however quick to credit one woman of all his encounters who repeatedly showed him unconditional love especially when his health failed him with an ailment; gouty arthritis, showing him a different side to women.

“I don’t know what is wrong with me and Asante women. I went to help somebody with an audition in Kumasi and this lady came around, she was something else, she helped me through those trying moments and one thing remarkable about this, she never said any bad word to me, that’s why I said sometimes it’s good to go through, you’ll see some fine things in some women. The things were swollen and this lady will even help me along to the bathroom, bathe me, bring me back, and all the time when tears will be flowing down my face…..she really really cared for me”, he said.

He admonished all, men and women alike, to be very cautious in making choices as far as life partners are concerned as they can make and unmake one’s life.

“I’ve realized that you can enjoy heaven on earth if you get your soulmate, if you get a woman that is attuned to you. I think that one has to be careful both sexes the kind of person you go in for.”

Psalm Adjetefio became a household name when he featured in the series ‘taxi driver’ alongside Mikki Osei Berko (Master Richard), George Quaye (Aboagye) and others. He has featured in countless number of movies including; ‘Who killed Nancy’, ‘Shadows from the Past’, ‘Stab in the dark’, ‘Tears of Womanhood’ and ‘Adult Only’ among several others.