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Entertainment of Friday, 11 January 2019


I’m not in a hurry to remarry, I rushed and crushed - Actress

Renowned actress, Ngozi Nwosu says she is waiting on God's time before she remarries just so she doesn't repeat the mistake she made with her first marriage.

Ngozi in an interview with Plus TV Africa suggested that she bowed to pressure from society to marry, and now wishes she never kowtowed to the ‘demands’ of others.

She says: "When you rush to do things because you are ageing or because your mates are doing it, it might be your doom so just live your life and wait till it is the right time. I am waiting on God’s time before I get married again, to avoid making another mistake.”

Based on her experience, 54-year-old Ngozi has advised parents not to “put pressure on their kids to marry”, stressing that “it is better to be late than to marry early and choose wrong. That was part of what happened to me, I was under pressure to marry and things eventually didn’t turn out right”

Ngozi was married for three years. At the time, she described as "nonsense" rumours that the marriage collapsed because the husband was intimidated by her profile although she would not tell the cause of the breakup.

"I don't know" she said when asked why the marriage hit the rocks. " All I know is that I was married for three years and it did not work out for us."

She again fumed at assertions that actresses do not stay in marriages for long.

"It is nonsense," Ngozi said. "If there is bound to be problems in marriage, it can happen. It does not matter the kind of job you do. Whether you are a banker, an actor, a chartered accountant or a lawyer. When marriage does not work, it does not work, period.

"It is ironic that when an actor suffers setback in his marriage it makes headline news. Why are people not talking about the fiascos that politicians and their siblings call marriage which they contract with millions of Naira and do not last for one month?

"What of the unions that other professionals contract that fails? Is it only the actor that causes his or her on marriage to suffer hic-up? These people are just being hypocritical."