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Entertainment of Sunday, 21 August 2016


I’m not going to Parliament to lobby for entertainment industry - Kwame Dzokoto

Comedian and showbiz icon, Seth Kwame Dzokoto Comedian and showbiz icon, Seth Kwame Dzokoto

Comedian and showbiz icon, Seth Kwame Dzokoto who has been elected as the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary Candidate for the Tarkwa-Nsuaem Constituency, ahead of the 2016 general elections has said he is going to parliament to fight for his balloters but not the entertainment industry.

The actor in an interview with MzGee on Hitz FM’s “Showbiz This Week” entertainment show quickly added that despite the fact that he is going to parliament to lobby for his people when he is given the nod during this year’s general election, he would not keep mum when an issue abut the entertainment industry is raised.

“When the need arises I will fight for the media but my aim is to lobby for the development for my area because we believe that we are lacking despite the resources that are coming out to our end. Some people are enjoying more than we are. They will push some to our area but it is not enough so that is what I’m going to work towards.” Dzokoto told MzGee when she asked if he is going to parliament to help build structures in the entertainment industry or for only his constituency.

Using the Food and Drugs board banning celebrities from advertising for alcoholic beverages as case study, the “Edziban” host said he would have fought for entertainers if he was in parliament as at the time the order was made. To him, nobody fought against the policy because they thought it was against only him.

“I was in this country and the Food and Drugs Board told me that because I’m popular I cannot do advert for alcoholic beverages. All the radio presenters were mute but if I was supposed to be in parliament then it was a colleague, I would standup and let the Food and Drugs Board to come to parliament and explain why they say the person is popular so he should not do advert for alcoholic beverage.

So I thought that these people think it’s for me alone? It wasn’t for me alone but a general fight against showbiz” he added.