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Entertainment of Monday, 27 November 2017


I’m comfortable in my skin but I can’t go nude on camera - Joselyn Dumas

Joselyn Dumas and her guests on her show 'Keeping It Real' play videoJoselyn Dumas and her guests on her show 'Keeping It Real'

For some it’s the easiest thing in the world but for Joselyn Dumas, going nude on camera is something that would be very difficult for her to do.

According to the Ghanaian actress, television personality and film producer, whilst she feels very comfortable about her body and how it looks, she cannot display it in public for the world to see.

Joselyn was speaking with singer Stephanie Benson and Apolline Attipoe on the latest episode of her new reality talk show, Keeping It Real with Joselyn Dumas.

Dumas and her two guests were discussing Stephanie Benson’s much talked about see through dress to the 2017 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, a dress which the actress said she could never wear in a million years.

“I would mind taking off my clothes right here. I wouldn’t be able to do that, but to each his own.” Dumas said.

“I’m comfortable in my skin, the people that would have to see my body would see it. There are different levels of comfort and confidence. …the level of my confidence is you could probably come to my house and I’ll be walking around naked, but I wouldn’t do it freely [in public].” she said.

Dumas added that she could not wear anything like what Benson wore on that night, and that if she did she would simply take a picture with it and go to bed without going out.

The wide ranging discussion on the show centred around weight gain and how to deal with it as a woman whose body is always under the microscope of the public. It also touched on giving birth and its aftermath as all three are mothers.

Daring Stephanie Benson revealed that she breastfed her kids till they were two, and one son in particular till he was four.

“[I breastfed] my son till he was 4. I used to go to nursery and ask the teachers to let me take him to the room and then he would suck…I was so addicted to my son it was so bad. I just couldn’t let go, it was really hard.” she revealed.

The fulfilling conversation continued for the entire episode with more absorbing revelations coming out about the lives of all three women.

Keeping It Real with Joselyn Dumas is a chat show created by Dumas and airing every Saturday at 8pm on GhOne TV. The show is produced by Shirley Frimpong Manso’s Sparrow Productions in conjunction with Dumas’ own Virgo Sun Production.