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Entertainment of Saturday, 31 August 2019


‘I lost both father & sister to cancer; my life is at risk’ – Actress Beverly Afaglo

After losing both father and sister to cancer, actress Beverly Afaglo has opened up about her fears of possibly facing the same fate, ABC News can report.

The Actress, narrating her ordeal in an interview with JoyNews’ MzGee, said her fears are hinged on the fact that the disease could be in her genes since both family members passed away after years of battling with the disease

“My life is at risk as well because now, I can confirm that it’s in my blood, it’s in my genes. I mean my dad died of cancer as well, may his soul rest in peace, and my sister as well, we are scared. She [my sister] went through all types of cancer, it’s sad, from her breast to her spine, to the blood, to the brain, to everywhere, it was tough”

The wife of Choirmaster of Praye fame further advised Ghanaians to be serious about finding out more about the disease in order to seek early treatment if diagnosed.

“I think everybody, whatever you read online about cancer and how to prevent it, we must be serious about it because cancer comes in different forms and you won’t see it coming” she added in the interview monitored by ABC News.

The actress, two months ago, broke the news about the death of her sister on her Instagram handle, indicating she passed away after battling with the disease for 12 years.

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