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Entertainment of Friday, 26 February 2021


I found my soul mate in my third marriage – Ben Brako

Highlife musician, Ben Brako and wife, Dr Efua Brako play videoHighlife musician, Ben Brako and wife, Dr Efua Brako

Celebrated Ghanaian Highlife artiste, Ben Brako, has described his wife, Dr Efua Brako, as a ‘special’ woman who has been able to hold him down for the past five years of their marriage.

The “Mawie” hitmaker in an interview on the Delay Show monitored by GhanaWeb revealed that he found his soul mate in his third attempt at marriage. He believes that they were made for each other due to the common interest their both share in their culture and heritage.

According to him, “There are many points of attraction in my current marriage. When someone is really in love with you, and you with them, it is even difficult to be apart and you are always in others space happily.”

Recounting his experiences in his previous relationships, he admitted that some factors contributed to his divorce in his first and second marriage.

“In my first marriage, we got married in Ghana, it was in the early ’80s. We had two kids together, one in Ghana and the other in London. It didn’t work, after a point, we had a different interest. There was a second one, and there was a third,” Ben Brako explained.

He further noted: “In the second one, I think the main reason was that there was the lack of intensity and also there was separation for a long my second marriage, we also had two kids. I have been married to my third wife for just about 5 years, we don’t have kids together.”

When asked if he found his soul mate in his third wife, he confidently stated, “Very much so, the whole relationship is so different, it is very intense and personal. I think when they first push you into marriage, you wouldn’t know what it is about and you are hoping it will turn out well at the end.”

Ben Brako and his wife have come under public scrutiny due to some semi-nude images they have been sharing on their social media pages. But according to the Highlife legend, they see nothing wrong with trying to portray their rich African culture.

“It is really my passion. We didn’t expose any bits… it is natural for us to be not too clad because of the nature of our atmosphere and everything. Traditionally you could find this during the Dipo rites, previously people use to walk about just wearing a thin cloth around their waist and their breasts hanging out and it was normal,” he explained.