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I facilitate the death of suffering old patients in the US - Ayisha Modi

Ayisha Modi is a music investor and an artiste manager play videoAyisha Modi is a music investor and an artiste manager

Music investor cum socialite, Ayisha Modi, has shed more light on her profession as a live-in caregiver and certified nursing assistant in the United States.

Ayisha said she holds the license to administer shots to patients to aid them in dying slowly, with a family’s consent and a doctor’s instruction.

Ayisha Modi said in most cases, her services are mostly employed after a doctor’s declaration that a ‘suffering old patient’ has got little time to live.

She added that there are instances where elderly patients who are battling severe ailments request that they be taken through the process.

Ayisha who established that she has been in this profession for 14 years, said she has administered death shots to about 200 patients.

“There are some patients who have limited time on earth. Maybe a week or two. I have the license to give them a shot which facilitates their death. There are patients who want to die, so in this case, we give them morphine. This makes them sleep and kills them slowly. For patients who smoke, their lungs do not function properly at a stage so it helps them breathe properly. If the patients do not have food and water in their system for about two days and you give them the morphine, they will die faster. I have the license to do all that. I have upgraded from doing just live-in, to a nursing assistant, that’s why I’m able to do all that. Families call me after their parents have been declared to die in three months. I have done this job for 14 years and I have facilitated the death of about 200 patients. My last patient who died before I came to Ghana, left me a cheque and three gold chains.

“You can’t do this job if you don’t have empathy. Because you’d have to look after someone’s family, property like your own. I have benefited a lot from it. I have a friend who got married to her patient and after his death, the properties were willed to her. I have about five gold chains that were gifted to me by my patients," he said in the interview monitored by GhanaWeb.

While making all these claims, Ayisha Modi picked up her phone and showed pictures of one of her patients who laid on her death bed to the camera.

Although the host, Kofi Adoma, instructed his videographers not to focus on the pictures which could be an infringement of privacy, Ayisha Modi insisted that they capture it.

“The family has given me authorization so you can capture it,” she said.

Disclosing how lucrative the business is, Ayisha said,

“I have a license as a nursing assistant and I could work in hospitals but I prefer the live-in. because I make more money than those working in hospitals. Those who are in this profession are very rich. They can afford houses and everything they want so I have my place in New York. What I earn in a week is what my mother earns a month. I make $500 a day and even more. My mother who is also in the same profession owns a house in Atlanta Georgia. You can’t do this work if you don’t have papers.”

Watch the video below: