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Entertainment of Saturday, 22 June 2019


‘I can’t accept a marriage proposal that doesn’t come with a car’- Actress

Budding Nollywood actress, Olive Utalor has said with no iota of shame that she would never accept any love proposal from a man if there’s no car attached to it.

We got to know this lady rejected a love proposal from her boyfriend some years ago because the young man did not add a car to the proposal.

Speaking to Potpourri on that incident, the actress said it wouldn’t be appropriate to be walking in a scorching sun as a wife so she did the needful by rejecting the proposal in the first place.

“On my birthday last year he promised me a car and now he wants me, Olive Utalor to get married to him without a car, it’s not proper. I don’t care if he has supported me through school. I can’t be trekking under the sun when I am somebody ‘s wife. He should go and look for his class,” she said.

She added smugly: “I can’t pretend that he is right for me. Yes, he saw me through the early stages of my tertiary education but that doesn’t mean we are right for each other. If he cannot get me a car there can be marriage. I’m not being callous, I’m just being true to myself.”

At times when there are several women who remain unmarried and troop to different churches so their pastors could help them find a man, this utterance from the actress sounds very strange indeed.