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I almost lost my mind due to divorce - Helena Rhabbles

Gospel musician, Helena Rhabbles play videoGospel musician, Helena Rhabbles

Veteran gospel artiste Helena Rhabbles, who has been in the industry for almost three decades, has given a blow-by-blow account of how her first marriage hit the rocks.

The divorce almost made her lose her mind after her former husband decided to jilt her, the renowned songstress told Agyeman Prempeh when she appeared on Legends on TV XYZ on Mothers’ Day.

According to the ‘Onibi Adamfo’ hitmaker, her husband who left to further his education at the University of Leeds in the UK returned asking for a divorce.

“Mr Rhabbles left the country to study in Leeds University in London for his masters.. when he returned back to Ghana and he said he wouldn’t marry me anymore... I was at the studio as at that time recording Satan don’t fall for ground.”

“This man came on Tuesday, and by Thursday I was summoned to council,” she said. “Look let me tell you the truth, it hit me like no one’s business.”

Explaining how she got the sad news in the studio and measures she took to deal with the issue, Helena disclosed she did not leave her husbands house when he asked for divorce.

"I didn’t leave his house right away.. the church had to be involved [and] it took me two years before I left his house,” she said.

When asked by the host if she didn’t approve of the divorce and that was why she was still in Mr Rhabbles’ house, the songstress said, “I didn’t offend him for him to insist on a divorce.”

“They took me for counselling…we used to attend Assemblies of God, they sat us down.. but what was causing the divorce wasn’t revealed cos he was giving baseless facts… there was nothing concrete about the divorce.

“I was been charged… Mr Rhabbles said I placed a charm under his pillow .. charm? I have served God since I was a kid. If I can go for a charm I doubt I would be doing yes sir yes sir in my marriage.. anyone who knows about my marriage knows that I served as a wife: my kids my husband.. she added

When asked if she didn’t get any hint from God before it happened. The gospel singer attested that she did through prayers, disclosing that she was part of the founding members of Aglow Ghana.

“When my husband was outside I had a prayer team … kudos to all those women we were in Sakumono and we were 5 women... we called ourselves… 5 women who prayed like no one’s business. Once we were in prayer we saw so many things and we kept praying protecting”

Despite her prayers to preserve her marriage, the very institution she was preserving came crumbling at her sight when she least expected it, the reason she was traumatized.

She said she could not do anything without thinking of how she had lost the marriage she protected with her all so she could wake up and be walking and talking to herself all day long.

“One day, I wore my skirt and my top and walked from Sakumono to Regimanuel. I was just walking and talking. I remember talking.”

“I remember one time, not even one time. When the issue came one morning; Esi Attah God bless you. Uhm Aunty Veronica London God bless you .. these women held me; Sandra and Agartha 5 women that were in ourselves [the prayer group]... Only these women knew what was going on .. Esi was standing in her room and said the Holy Ghost woke her up and said watch her.”

She continued, “when I got to Veronica I placed my finger on her bell... I kept pressing for a long time without stopping and I saw her running and screaming I’m coming, I’m coming. I remember that I just fell on the floor and I was crying all of a sudden someone was pressing the bell. It was Esi Attah following.”

She said she was stabilized through counselling and prayers of her friends and some few men of God.