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Entertainment of Thursday, 9 June 2011

Source: News-One

I Am Not A Ladies’ Man - D Cryme

Dr. Cryme, the fresh dude whose ‘Kill Me Shy’ single is receiving a lot of airplay within Ghana’s music scene, is yet to come to terms with accolades flying in the air that he is a ‘ladies man’.

He tells NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview that he respects the accolade as a compliment. However, he is for everybody, both guys and ladies. This is because his music is for all and sundry who like his music, irrespective of gender affiliations.

“I respect it as a compliment from other people. I think that is what they see in their eyes and I am free person. I am Kwasi Darlington and Kwasi Darlington is for everybody. He is for all. He is a general person. They call me general and nobody understands it. People don’t really understand it. I leave it for the people to follow. If we all have to go for the ladies; who will go for the men,” he said.

Cryme also denied claims that he was usually harassed by female fans because of his charisma. “I don’t know about ladies’ reaction towards me, if it is harsh or not. They always say Cryme I love your song. I don’t think somebody will go the extra mile like can I do something crazy with you. No, they are respectful. They love me because of music. I think it is touching them. They don’t love me because of me. You know how many nice men they have? If they walk up to me and say hey! Cryme I am in love with you, it is not me; it is my song they are referring to,” he explained.

Dr. Cryme came into the limelight last year after the release of his ‘Kill Me Shy’ single. He has since been rocking stages with the crème de la crème of the industry. He put up a marvelous performance at this year’s Ghana Music Awards. Currently, he is among the crème de la crème who are billed for Empire Entertainment’s Ghana Meet Naija concert on July 1.

According to Dr. Cryme, he has been around for a long time and a lot of the big boys in the game, he claimed, would attest to that.

A former pupil of Detus Preparatory School in Tema and Somanya Secondary Technical School, the chap who, hails from the Ashanti region, started singing at a tender age.

However, he began writing his rhymes and raps from 1999 while in JHS 3. After several years, he is now ready to show the whole world his music talent.

Hence, he released ‘Kill Me Shy’ which is followed by ‘Mene Woa’. In July, the entire album which he said would be titled, ‘Finally Finally’, will be out.

Dr. Cryme said he won’t allow fame to get to his head, noting, “I see fame as a compliment and respect it. I don’t leave by it. People come and go. I don’t embrace fame like. It is nothing new.”