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LifeStyle of Friday, 27 March 2020


How to avoid relationship problems when working from home with your partner

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How to work at home with your partner without losing them. Or your damn mind.

With the way things are going, yeah, it seems it’s only going to be a matter of days before Nigeria finally goes into a total lockdown.

What that means, is that everyone finally sits their behinds at home and those whose work allow them to perform remotely will be required to do so. Some are already working from home but with that lockdown in place, it becomes a real thing.

It’ll be long overdue actually, but yeah, hopefully the voice of reason being aired loudly on social media at the time of this piece, will likely be heard.

Now, working from home may sound fun and relaxing and more bearable to you, but having to do so with a partner and/or kids changes the dynamics entirely.

If you are not worrying about your kids self-destructing when you look away for 10 seconds, there’ll be the issue of who gets to make/get the meals, being together for so long with your partner without any breaks in between could also pose different issues of their own, y’all could just get tired and bored out of your minds with each other’s constant present and stuff…

Actually a lot of things can go wrong but the truth is; they don’t have to. And here is how to make sure that they don’t.

1. Compromise and respect for each other’s work routine

Simple example: one of you may like working in a noisy environment, say with loud music blaring from the speakers in the living room; while the other would rather move in silence.

Be considerate enough to use earphones to accommodate them. Oh well, except if you have a huge house where you can both do your thing without disrupting each other. Bottom line, concede things to each other for comfort and peaceful co-existence.

2. Boundaries

Respect their physical workspace if there’s one set up. Just pretend they’re at work as much as you can. Won’t be easy and to be honest, some interference can be cute and heartwarming but know when to step back again and let each other do the work you’re meant to be doing.

3. Put some of the spare time to good use

Since you’d be working from home, no one is rushing out so as to avoid traffic. No one is arriving at home late because they had to work late or because they got stuck in traffic.

You see that extra time you’ve got on your hands now? Do interesting things with them. New recipes, novel sex positions, reading those books you always wanted to read together, movies you never had time to bond over… just go ahead and do them.

4. Take turns caring for the kids

If you’ve got any kids, don’t leave only one person to it. You are both at home, you are both responsible for them. Make it show.

5. Find some alone time

So you don’t get bored [too much] with each other because chances are that this might happen at some point.

Allow each other to indulge in personal non-work activities without guilt-tripping each other about having fun without you. Let the other enjoy their personal time with friends, extended family.

If they’re not denying you time, it’d be selfish to deny them of this personal need.