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How to apply lipstick like a professional

How to apply lipstick How to apply lipstick

Content Contributor; Mojisola Yewande tells all on how to apply Lipstick like a pro.


Ever seen ladies looking great with their lipstick and wonder how they did it? Well, wonder no more, learn how to apply your lippy like a professional with these five easy steps. You can thank me later.

1. Prepare your lips

The first thing to do is to prep the lips. To do this we will need to exfoliate and moisturise just like what we do for the face. There are three methods of exfoliating; you can do whichever is comfortable for you

Dip a washcloth in water and use the washcloth to massage the lips Scrub your lips with a sugar scrub; you can make this at home with oil(coconut oil or olive oil) and sugar. Brush your lip gently with a toothbrush After exfoliating apply moisturiser to your lip; if you are using a lip balm you will need to clean it off after a few minutes because a lip balm won’t make your lipstick adhere well.

2. Prime your lips

You could use a lip primer to prime your lips; but a better option will be using foundation, so as you are applying foundation on your face, apply a little on your lips as well. Priming the lips will help lipstick stay longer

3. Use lip liner

A lip liner helps to define the lip and keeps lipstick from bleeding. Apply the lip liner at the edge of your lips following the natural contour of your lip. You could use lip liner in several ways depending on the effect you are looking for: Using a lip liner the exact shade of your lipstick Using a light brown lip liner to match your lip Using the lip liner as a matte lipstick

4. Apply Lipstick

Using a lip brush, apply your lipstick; place a tissue paper on your lip and dust a little powder on, remove the tissue and reapply the lipstick. This trick will make your lipstick last longer. You could apply the lipstick straight from the tube but a lip brush gives a more even and precise application and helps the lipstick stay on longer.

5. Clean up

Using a brush and concealer; clean up any area around your lips that needs cleaning up, this gives your lips a beautiful, defined look.