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Music of Thursday, 29 October 2015


How Praye Tintin and Tiatia reunited

Praye group Praye group

Praye Tintin a member of Praye has come out to say the separation of the group had no effect on him but rather strengthened him.

In an interview with Dr. Cann on Showbiz Xtra of Happy 98.9FM, Tintin said; “Over the weekend we went to Koftown to perform to confirm Praye is really back and it’s the fans that are putting us together. They kept calling for it and we are back together. We are going to work as a group.

“Praye was three but Honeho is working with a six year deal with another company and we can’t hold on till he is done and so Tiatia and I are keeping the fire burning.

“The reception was good and proofed the fans made the group because the crowd was very excited till we left the stage.”

“I wouldn’t say it affected me that much, but it’s the fans that didn’t get what the group had always offered. What I can say is that it strengthened us and enlightened us more because back in the day we wrote small parts but after the break up we wrote full songs and so our upcoming songs will be fireworks.

“The breakup had a whole lot of effect on me because it made me realize I could sing and rap because with the group I was always rapping. It had an effect on me but it built me up.

Tintin touching on his silence when the group split said he didn’t want to sound repetitive.

“I was recording and needed time to prepare. I was taking time out to bring fresher ideas because after the split it was easy to sound and write like I was still with the group. I took time out just to refresh my content and delivery that’s why you didn’t hear so much music from me.”

Tintin revealed there was no leader in the group.

“There were people who loved the whole unit and there were others who loved the members of the group individually. When I left the group, Choirmaster was still with Cartel Big J but you can tell me it didn’t work that much. That showed that there wasn’t a leader in the group.

On how the two got back to perform in Koforidua and why he didn’t attend Tiatia’s grand wedding, Tintin revealed;

“After he married, he called me and we spoke a lot and we also spoke to our old management and all that. I couldn’t attend because we weren’t certain about the comeback so we thought business wise it was good and the fans will love it and that’s why we did it.”