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Entertainment of Sunday, 30 August 2015


How Okyeame Kwame betrayed Okyeame Qouphi

Okyeame Kwame Okyeame Kwame

Root Eye in a latest interview shared a story from the past which suggest Okyeame Kwame fingered his former group mate Okyeame Quophi as being the brain behind Ex-Doe’s Maba diss song which was directed at Reggie Rockstone.

The host of TV3’s Music Music told PLUZZ FM;

“In a family, there are favorites, between Okyeame Qouphi and Okyeame Kwame; Kwame is my favorite even though we are all family. I have slept in both Qouphi and Kwame’s home but Kwame is in my camp but I think Kwame didn’t do well for Qouphi for telling Reggie Rockstone that Qouphi wrote that Maba diss song Ex-Doe rapped. “I haven’t talked to the duo in a while but when I speak to them I will let Kwame know he didn’t do the right thing. Because that song, it was an Akyeame song that Qouphi and Kwame had planned to record and release because Reggie Rockstone had done a song claiming he was OseiKrom President when Akyeame clearly were the biggest things out of Oseikrom then. And the boys were too big in Kumasi to accept Reggie was the Oseikrom president. They decided to write that song. Qouphi wrote that song and I want to say Akyeame were great songwriters. That song Kwame made input and I saw that song on Quophi’s computer in his bedroom.

“Ex-Doe had made his Davi Mede Kuku song and created problems for himself by sidelining Chicago and Ghana discovered the secret and started bashing Ex-Doe. So his career at the time became funny some way. So he ran to Kumasi to hide in Quophi's House. He saw the song and he needed a comeback.  Someone slapped Ex-Doe because of that song at Labadi Beach. He knew he was going to have problems back then if he recorded that song but he took the lyrics off Qouphi's computer, brought it to Accra and recorded it. That was Maba. It was a song that Akyeame wrote and wanted to release but they met Reggie along the line and had formed a good relationship with him and it became difficult for them to record that diss record. So it wasn’t right when Kwame went and told Reggie that Qouphi wrote the song for Ex-Doe.

“There’s something about Reggie, he has this charisma, I keep saying through all this, that let no man try to make it look like we are trying to undermine Reggie for his achievement. He was born a superstar. He was born to Saint Osei, and then he was the dancer winning awards before he became the rapper we know so you can take that away from him. He has this charisma, when you meet him for the first time, you just love him, I’m sure it’s that charisma that got Kwame raptured and he said things he shouldn’t have said. But Qouphi shouldn’t also take it personal. It's past so let’s keep it in the past.”