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Entertainment of Monday, 16 September 2019


How I rejected studying abroad to follow my passion, music – Feli Nuna speaks

Feli Nuna Feli Nuna

For many, following their passion after years of spending cash on education brings them hell and leaves them with few options.

Families have broken whiles loved ones have been lost due to decisions people take in their lives.

But for songstress Feli Nuna although her father had issues with her choice of following her passion i.e doing music, the songstress says she has been able to move above that.

She in an interview on 3 FM disclosed that her father wanted her to travel out of the country for further studies but that has not seen the day of light because she wants to follow her passion.

She noted that her choice brought about an issue with family but their issues have since been resolved.

She said “The fact that they give me the room to do what I’m doing now is enough support. They are actually proud, like my dad comes and he’s like, my friend wants to say hi. He’ll call me to talk to this friend. Or, we’ll go here or there and when people are all over me, he’ll just be smiling. Remember, it wasn’t like that in the beginning”.