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Entertainment of Wednesday, 25 November 2020


Here are all the tips you need to become a great stand-up comedian

Comedian Nino Comedian Nino

Nino, one of Ghana’s very talented stand-up comedians has shared some qualities that one needs to possess if he or she wants to become a renowned stand-up comedian.

Speaking on the Late Nite Celebrity Show with his fellow comedian and host of the show, Foster Romanus, he first noted that despite the fact that comedians are always seen cracking jokes which most of the time makes them come off as unserious people, they are highly intellectual.

He went forward to outline the required traits that qualify one to be a stand-up comedian and a great one at it. “The first thing is that you should be able to analyze things. Second thing, you should be observant, and the third thing is you should really have time for books”.

Nino emphasized on reading and how important it is to a stand-up comedian because according to him, if one does not broaden his or her mind, it will be difficult and close to impossible to generate great content and this is when the comedian will be forced to stick to his one joke which has worked for him on most platforms.

As per his opinion and knowledge in stand-up comedy, one does not need to be naturally funny to be a stand-up comedian. All it takes is for the person to learn and prepare him or herself and together with the tips he earlier shared, anyone, can be a successful stand-up comedian.