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Entertainment of Wednesday, 12 June 2019


Has Bulldog forgotten so soon how he swore never to work with Shatta Wale even if given $1million?

We are in era where people tend to forget that the number one reference platform for almost everything is the internet; There’s this saying that the internet never forgets.

Few years ago when Bulldog used to be Shatta Wale’s manager, there came a time where both brands had to split for some very serious reasons which went a long way to affect their brands in a way.

That was a ‘harvest season’ for both brands as they had countless interviews across the country; one which actually benefittted Shatta Wale at the time because he trended for months on all media platforms across the country.

Bulldog on the other hand, had a very bad time as Shatta Wale revealed some secrets they shared together to the extent of threatening to release nak3d photos of Bulldog’s wife.

With all that happening at the time, Bulldog said on various platforms that he will never want to have anything to do with Shatta Wale ever again especially in business terms.

We made a publication on one of a particular interview he granted at Joy Fm where he swore never to manage Shatta Wale again even when given $1m a minute.

With this recent development of being Shatta Wale’s new manager after all these years and experiences, we are asking a million dollar question that has he forgotten all the swearing about never to manage Shatta again? Let me refer you to this article below where Bulldog vowed never to manage Shatta again:

Well, some people have asserted that Bulldog is back with Shatta because of monetary gains and not for the love of the job. We live to see what happens next but for now, we wish them the very best.